Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Tips #1-10: A Modest Scrapbook

Spring Tips #1

Spring Tips #2

Spring Tips #3

Spring Tips #4

Spring Tips #5

Spring Tips #6

Spring Tips #7

Spring Tips #8

Spring Tips #9

Spring Tips #10


P.S.: Happy 1st day of spring!  More to come...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Turning 2!

Bess' Bag Turns 2!

Bess' Blog {2 Year Anniversary}

So, Bess’ Bag officially turned 2 years young on Feb. 15th, and today, well, it’s officially March 10th… Yep, I totally missed the official-ness of the actual blogoversary date {which caused me great angst}, but I finally have a few hours today to celebrate!

Who can believe 2 years have passed from the start of this unexpected journey? I can remember my green-ness at the start of the blog {when I had only just stumbled upon the blog scene by mere accident} – perhaps I’m still pretty green… but really all I want to do is share some ideas, showcase modesty, rant & rave on occasion {okay, maybe more than occasionally}, & share the love of God through my perfect Savior Jesus. That last one is the most important. What can I say? As always I’m striving to be a girl after God’s heart. Thanks for being a reader, Gal Pal, sister-in-Christ, passerby, etc.

Happy Blogoversary,
B.B. Founder {I love how that looks} =)

A lot’s happened over these 2 years together. Let’s take a look…
What I Did...

What I Did {II}...

This blog was created through...
My Fill




Christ {the greatest of these}

Love to All My Sisters!