Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Song Love {April}

"Find You On My Knees" by Kari Jobe

"Seeing For the First Time" by Britt Nicole

"Sing in the Rain" by Moriah Peters

Which song is your fave?

Musical Love,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bess' Thrifting Files {Before & After Bookend}

Yes, I've decided to add a thrifting segment to Bess' Bag!  Eeep! =) My mom {& my dad, too} started taking me to yard sales & used book stores/thrift shops when I was just a tiny tot.  Now that I'm older my thriftiness certainly hasn't waned - in fact, I've got the full blown fever - & I don't want any medicine for it, thank you! =) There's something about the uniqueness of thrifting that makes it hard to go back to the uniformity of the mall.  Not to mention, once I've gotten amazing deals it's not easy to return to paying full price!  So, here in my Thrifting Files I'll share some of my finds & the ways I've upcycled thrifted pieces - nothing like finding a new use for something or giving it a facelift of sorts.  I hope you enjoy!

thrifted doggie bookend - 99 cents 
{If only they'd had the pair!}

+ some gold spray paint 
{Spray paint can instantly update an outdated figurine or pretty much anything with a flawed paint job!}

How much is that doggie in the window, you ask?  Priceless!

Happy Thrifting,

Long Time No See

Long Time No See

I've missed you guys!  Life has certainly been busy lately - what with starting a new job & learning a new routine/schedule... I've been bushed!  Then, completely out of the blue, I was offered another position someplace else, which was definitely a step up & a step in the right direction.  There were, of course, pros & cons to my decision {I'd only been at my new job about a month}, but after much prayer that I would make the right choice, I decided to give my 2 weeks notice & take a leap of faith.  I'm just so thankful that God has given me this opportunity; I can't wait to see where it leads {+ I'm nervous, too}!  So, yes, I've been absent lately {sorry again}, but I've had my plethora of reasons.  Now, how are you?  Be honest, be brutal, be true.  Let it all out, sister!    

Love the Returning {& Ever Praising God},

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cause I Love You {& Free Things}

You're so special!  No, really.  It's a bonafide factoid.  And because of this I've got some goodies to share with ya...

{It's what my laptop is sporting right this minute!  So cute!}

{Just add a 'B' & subtract 'ie' & you've got me!  Okay, so that was a little strange. =)}  

3. A printable for you - to remind you of your special-ness.  Jesus wants to be your closest friend!  What more do you want? =)

You can choose with or without the butterfly at the bottom.  Click on the image & then right click & save the picture to your computer {or copy & paste}, open in a word document, resize {if necessary}, print, & enjoy!

Love you... cause you're you & you're special!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Picks

Spring Picks

1. ladybug bag...Modcloth $30
2. pale mint nail polish...Charlotte Russe $3.50
3. fedora...Charlotte Russe $11
4. hot air balloon necklace...Modcloth $18
5. Beautiful Day shimmer mist...Bath & Body Works $14

Wish List Love,

Monday, April 8, 2013

"Tea" Towels DIY

Remember the "tea" stamp I made awhile back {click here for that}?  I decided what better way to embellish a tea towel {I know it says dish cloth on the package, but work with me here} than with a stamp that reads "tea"!  Here's how I did it...

Squeeze some fabric paint onto a paper plate &, with a brush, paint your stamp.  Press onto towel firmly.  Repeat brushing on fabric paint & stamping it onto your towel as many times as you like.  Let dry for 24 hours {or whatever it says on your paint}.  Enjoy your hand-stamped tea towel!  I love homemade stuff!

DIY Love,

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Style Love {Lookalikes for Less}

You don't have to spend a bundle to be on trend!  Take a gander at some surprising lookalikes for less!
The Look For Less

The Look For Less 2

The Look For Less 3

The Look For Less 5

The Look For Less 6

The Look For Less 4

The Look For Less 7

Style Love,

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"May I Never Lose the Wonder"

May it be true of us.