Tuesday, January 26, 2016

That One Healthy Fear

"The One Healthy Terror."  Maybe a strange chapter title, at first glance, for a book entitled Fearless.  I dove into it anyway, thinking I already had that "healthy" fear pegged, unmasked, & known.  Perhaps you feel the same.

Perhaps you know in head-knowledge & in fluent Sunday-School-ese that this "healthy" fear is a reverence & awestruck awe for the great I Am God.  However, as I read Max Lucado's words, I uncovered how small my knowledge base truly is & how I have placed a neat box of my own ideals, wants, & needs around this uncontrollable, in-containable King of all.  

It struck me, then, that when I pray "Father" & use such familiar a term as "Daddy," I am right in saying so, but do I ponder that this same Father God, to whom I lift my prayer, is the One who flung stars all around the heavens with purpose & order, & tenderly knit together every unborn baby in every mother's womb?  Who parted & unparted seas, & formed the loftiest peaks & every bumpy ridge of a tree trunk's bark?  Designed every mysterious unique swirl of every human beings' fingerprints since Eden & the first?  The One who can rain down wrath like none other, & still spreads across the sky a promising rainbow to this day?  The One who loves in such an immeasurable, incomprehensible amount, giving up His beloved Son for us, that all the grains of sands & drops of water upon the earth added together do not equal it?  

All of that {& more} is the One to whom at times I have cried out against, & doubted, & accosted, disappointed, made demands of, the One I have flailed before like a temper-tantrum toddler at a grocery store...  Whom I have hidden from those who need Him most out of my own fear, but fear of God in all His immeasurable power & might I have neglected.  I, in my deep sinful foolishness, have been afraid of so many things unworthy of angst.  Didn't Jesus say to not be afraid {again & again}?  For if we are to fear something, may it be that "healthy" revering fear of Him who brings us to our knees in love & worship.


"They fell on their faces & were greatly afraid.  But Jesus came & touched them & said, 'Arise, & do not be afraid.'"
-Matthew 17:6-7

Friday, January 22, 2016

{Super Easy} Photo Display DIY

Ever had one of those projects that sits around for months 'cause you're not exactly sure what it's gonna be yet?  This was that for me.  I water color painted over this inexpensive thin canvas months ago & have been puzzled as to what I wanted to do with it since.  That is, until today...

Above are the supplies needed for this project.  If you'd like to make a stand for your photo display {instead of leaning it against something}, you'll also need some sturdy cardboard.  P.S.: A ruler is quite helpful, too!

Paint/decorate your canvas {or leave it clean & simple minimalist white}, find the center of the canvas with a ruler, & attach a metal clip near the top center using hot glue.  {NOTE: If you have a certain size photo you want to display, it's helpful to place the metal clip on the image prior to hot gluing to see how you want it spaced on the canvas before you affix the clip down.}

If you decorate your canvas, printing a photo or quote on a piece of vellum lets your design peek through.

It feels good to get things done!  I like the fresh simplicity of this project & it's versatility... it would make a great recipe or note holder, too.

DIY Love,

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Currently {Jan.}

+Reading... Fearless by Max Lucado, Savor daily devotional by Shauna Niequist, & Job/Psalms in the Bible.  I'm still working on my Bible reading plan that I started last summer & I'm more than half way through!

+Working... as a temporary librarian at a school for the month of January.  It's "inner-city," & some moments are a real challenge, but I'm leaning into Jesus & that's the best place to be.  Josh Wilson's Pushing Back the Dark is my anthem for these days.

+Missing... someone very special.  The miles in-between seem so far.

+Cleaning... out tons of stuff I really, really don't need!  It's time to live with less; I'm bogged down by all this stuff I never use.  I think I could have been a millionaire if I had just saved my $ & not gone shopping.  Yep.

+Excited... about 2016 & all that it mysteriously unfolds daily.

+Praying... for God's continued miracles & peace for the hurting & sick loved ones in my life.

+Praising... our awesome God that Pastor Saeed Abedini is now released from prison!!!  Plus, so many blessings in my life currently!

+Fighting... fear.  It's a daily battle, but in Him is my victory.

+Wearing... whatever is warm & cozy & layered.  It's freezing here!


P.S.: What are you up to lately?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Whatever.../ Keep Going...


Some days the words flow like rushing rapids - & the hands aren't fast enough.  Words race pen.

Others, like molasses, & it is a push & a pull & a lull of stillness in the white space.  Wondering if the tree's been tapped too often & is drained dry.

The thing is to work in both times - the flood & the drip - keeping hands ready & thoughts swirling.  Carbon into diamond takes work, my friend.

Whatever it is, keep going.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."
-Colossians 3:23 NIV


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Song Love {Jan.}

"This Year" by JJ Heller

"This is the Day" by Josh Wilson

"This Cup" by Sara Groves

Music Love,

P.S.: Here's a bonus song!

"No More" by Josh Wilson

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This New Year

It's been a long time, guys!  I've missed you!  Really.  Truly.  Yep.  2015 was a busy whirlwind in some respects, & yet there were sweet moments where I chose the otherworldly not-rush that is so foreign to this century.  2016 is bright & hopeful like blooming daisies...  Part of me can't wait to see the adventures flow from God's pen, & that other part of me knows His timing is better than my hurry.  So I do the hard wait-&-see as it is written, & resist the urge to try & grab the tool from my Almighty's hand, 'cause His stories are best & I can trust Him {& so can you} with this new year.


P.S.: I'm so glad to be back!