Thursday, October 20, 2011

The {Jamie Grace} Joyful Girl Songbook {Compiled by Bess}

My Anthem

Stumbling upon the following videos was such a God thing! I love these sweet little sisses-in-Christ! They just make me happy & I love to sing along with Mandi... Mandi, if you ever read this: You rock, sister!  Okay, so all of these aren't Jamie Grace, but I had to add 'em anyways.

Love & Joy,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dollar Store Fall Crafts {Yeah!}

I was recently perusing my fave crafting blog “Ruffles & Stuff,” when I found this simple idea… Disney {that’s the fabulous blogger’s name (yes, really)} always inspires me. So, I took her project & ran with it!

Here’s my version…

What You Need:
glass vase (mine is from the Dollar Tree); small limbs/sticks (gather outside=); old books (I got mine out of a free box); scissors; pencil; glue; leaf pattern (optional); decorative moss (again, Dollar Tree); stones/pebbles (optional)

Pour a small layer of stones into your glass vase, and then place decorative moss on top of that layer. Insert sticks into moss at different angles. Next cut out (using a template or freehand) a bunch of leaf shapes from old book paper. Next, fold “leaves” a little to make them look more authentic & then glue onto branches {I also scattered a couple on the table, too, for a little extra effect.}. Finally, wrap a ribbon around the vase. There you have it, a simple, cheap chic easy fall fix for your table!
total cost: about $2

Autumn Leaf Garland

What You Need:
twine; silk flower leaves (I found 50 for $1 at the Dollar Tree!); needle/thread/scissors

This is so completely simple! I love it! All you have to do is sew (by hand) fabric leaves to your twine (you could also use hot glue). I alternated the colors (red, yellow, red, yellow) and left the spacing between leaves pretty much the same. I think I’m going to hang mine outside!
total cost: about $2

I hope to do some more crafting during my break!  It's very therapeutic!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Falling Back In

Hello Autumn!

Autumn always makes me smile.  It's pretty amazing that after all these 20-something years on this planet seasons still catch me by's funny...

As you know, I've been absent lately from Bess' Bag, but {thank You, Jesus}, I finally have a break from work and I'll be back in full force for the next week.  Let me tell you, girls, that my job has been the most uber stressful thing... I can't even begin to explain.  After so much prayer to find the right job, I'm not sure of the reason why God has brought me to this... but I don't have to.  The only thing I have to know is that He will bring me through.  I have felt Him carry me these past couple months when I couldn't imagine taking another step forward.  Jesus knows my pain & struggle {of this I'm very sure}, & I know He perfectly planned the following song to play on my car radio, too many times to count, as I've taken the dark winding path to work each morning...  I hope it gives you strength {His perfect kind, which we just can't understand or measure} to face whatever it is that stands in your path...

Autumn Love {with His perfect strength},

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."
-Philippians 4:13

Thank You, dear Lord, for showing up through my radio those dark early mornings, for giving me the power to continue & hold my head high as Your beloved, standing by my side, being for me, & carrying me when I couldn't go any further on my own strength... & for the comforting beautiful surprise of this season.
Love, Your Daughter Forever,