Thursday, June 28, 2012

I ❤ Thursday: Patriotic Wear

It's Thursday & I'm loving patriotic 
July 4th style.

what I picture Princess Kate wearing if she were American royalty

well, Kate would likely carry a tiny clutch, but this, after all, is the USA, darling

understated patriot {sorta a 'just went surfing' vibe}

classy 4th {I heart this dress mega-time (it's feminine, modest, vintage, modern... it has it all)}

just add a patriotic-colored scarf

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

try a red, white, & blue hair accessory

painted striped clutch + sheer polka dots = vintage uniqueness

preppy picnic {Jackie Kennedy style}

the go-to cotton flag tee

couldn't resist adding this ad

I ❤ Thursday Love,

4th of July {No-Bake} Frozen Cake Pops + Idea Booklet

Can't believe it's almost July!  How do you like the patriotic blog makeover for the 4th?  Here's another no bake recipe for ya...

I still don't cook.  Sad.  But, I don't let that get me down when I can make these sweet treats!  All you need are large popsicle sticks, patriotic-themed snack cakes, & a freezer {the freezer part is really optional, cause you could easily eat these chilled in the fridge or at room temperature}.      

Unwrap snack cakes (2) & place on popsicle stick, wrap in cellophane, stick in the freezer, enjoy whenever you want!

Fab 4th Idea Booklet...

another sweet no bake treat

decorate your bike & make your own parade

try a patriotic pun on for size

pretzel rods to make Betsy Ross smile

firework-perfect popcorn bags

healthy red, white, & blue breakfast

Source: via Paige on Pinterest

make it an easy-peasy cleanup

patriotic hot dog couture

USA stenciled trays

adorable ribbon & paper wreath

canning jar glasses with fabric lids

simple yet chic patriotic art

Hope you found some ideas for your 4th celebration!

Patriotic Love,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I ❤ Thursday: Disney's Brave

Amazing Ashley over at Bramblewood Fashion hosts a series of posts called 'I ❤  Thursday.'  All you have to do is link up with some of your current favorite things on any given Thursday + type 'I ❤ Thursday' in the title.  Click the above image to visit her page!  Now, here's my first ever one...

It's Thursday & I'm loving Disney's new Pixar flick Brave.    

It's set in my favorite land...

It's a story about a plucky, bright lass named Merida...

What's not to love?

Can't wait to see it!  Visit the official website here!  It hits theaters tomorrow, June 22nd!

I ❤ Thursday Love,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Camp Craft: 'Let's Read' Bookends

Let’s face it, I’m bookish to a fault! Bookish Bess, that’s me! That small gigantic fact inspired the following Camp Craft session. Okay, gather round the campfire! I really like this one! 

-classic metal library-style bookends (2) 
-large 3-D letters that spell out “read” {mine are wooden letters from Michael’s Craft Store’s $1 section (which I love)} 
 -hot glue gun or super glue {I used the handy hot glue gun} 
-spray paint {optional}

What to Do: Okay, so first off at the fabulous Michael’s I found these sturdy wooden letters for $1 each in their cute little $1 section. The thing was, you couldn't choose which colors you got – certain letters were certain colors & that’s that. When I picked out the READ letters, the R & D were the same pink shade, so I decided to take some glossy pumpkin orange spray paint to it. I also spray painted my metal bookends pink {cause I happened to have that spray on hand}. Next, practice arranging your letters how you want them to appear on your bookends. I tried a variety of poses before I made my final decision. Then, using either hot glue or super glue, affix the letters to the bookends {in my case, I glued the E to the base & then the R on top - & then on the opposite bookend, the side of the A to the side of the bookend & the D to the side of the A}. Finally, let the bookends embrace a selection of tomes. So sweet! 

More Inspiration: You don’t have to spell out READ, you know. You could spell BOOK or TOME {a fancy word for book} or use your initials. There’s lots of ways to go! 

Bookish Love, 

P.S.: How are you liking Camp Craft?  Is this kind of thing something you like?  Let me know!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Camp Craft: Easy-Peasy Magazine Catch-All

We all feel better when everything is in its place, but before all that everything has to have a place. Today I’m sharing a simple, quick, easy, think of another similar adjective =) make-it to store all those loose & wandering magazines, books, etc. in. So, let’s groom that room with this nearly effortless installment of Camp Craft!

What You Need: 2 identical large flat-bottomed bowls {these are from Target (clearance .98 each)}; hot glue gun {with low-heat glue gun sticks}; decoration {decorative tape (what I used), scrapbook paper, stickers, wall stickers, ribbon, paint, etc.} 

What You Do: Take the two bowls & glue the bottoms together with a glue gun & low-heat glue gun sticks. Next, apply any decorative elements. You could paint, glue on scrapbook paper, use any type of stickers, ribbons, or decorative tape. Embellishments are where you get to go wild & personalize! =) Finally, round-up the culprits {all those M.I.A. periodicals & their pals}, & place in your oh-so-adorable made-by-you magazine catch-all!


P.S.: I’ve been taming my bedroom this week. Still in progress… but getting there!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Picnic

Picnic Season

My heart is giddy for it is picnic season once more! =) Something about dining outside, red gingham cloth, marching ants {well, maybe not}, vintage wicker baskets, prickly green grass, an idyllic view... it just gets me right in the ole ticker! It does me good to escape outdoors to God's magnificent creation & have a picnic. What about you? 

 Picnic-y Ideas... 
{next 4 images are via Pinterest}
use a vintage sheet for the perfect blanket + to line your basket

canning jar glasses with cupcake liner lids keep the flies away

skewer watermelon slices onto popsicle sticks {use a cookie cutter to cut out your slices for extra cuteness}
Instant Picnic

Picnic-y Style Lookbook...
Picnic Style

Don't Forget the Spoons

'Beet' of a Different Drum

Texan Picnic

Forecast: Clear Skies

Basket Case

Picnic-y Love, 

 P.S.: Now go on a picnic... be it in your backyard, the beach, a local park, or some exotic locale! That's another reason I love picnics, it doesn't matter which of the above places you have it - it's just that you have it & wherever that may be is magic!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Camp Craft: 10 Things to Do With a Rubber Stamp

Welcome to Camp Craft – Session 1! 
Are you guilty of it, too? Do you have a growing rubber stamp collection gathering dust somewhere in your jumbled craft supplies? They’re so irresistible & cute that I found myself purchasing them here & there & then putting them away never to be seen from again. That is, until now. Here are 10 ideas worth dusting off your rubber stamps for…

{Click the pictures for a close-up!}

1. Make your own stationary.

2. Add a decorative edge to a book.  

3. Make your own wrapping paper.
{Bonus Tip: To create the perfect polka dot stamp (as shown in the picture) use a fresh pencil's eraser tip!}

4. Brush on fabric paint for ink & embellish your clothes.  

5. Make your own gift tags.  

6. Create a decorative flower pot stake.  

7. Make your own bookmark.  

8. Use non-toxic ink to create an instant temporary tattoo.  

9. Frame your stamp art to decorate your room.  

10. Embellish your photographs.  

I hope you enjoyed this 1st segment of Camp C., &, more importantly, that you were inspired!  These were all so fun {& simple} to create!  Hope you'll try some of em' out!  Be sure to come back for s'more of Camp Craft @ Bess' Bag all summer long!  Oh my, I couldn't resist a good {or not so good} camp pun.  Sorry!    

Camp Craft Love,

P.S.: I've had this post ready for days, but Blogger has been giving me fits.  Sorry it took so long, girls! =)