Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Reflections {Thank You, Jesus}


Two days pass -
In a borrowed tomb - -
Sealed by the priests -
No escape -
Tears in the garden -
Up on the third -
Turn to joy - -
Inescapable love -
Alive, just as He promised - -
To the present & beyond eternity
Reigning & restoring the broken.

Thank You, Jesus!

Love Your Daughter,

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Reflections {Thank You, Jesus}

Good Friday

The cross has spoken -
Curtain torn -
Freedom found - -
In such a strange way,
Crimson flow - crown of thorns
Between two thieves - -
A madman? a prophet? a Nazarene?
Agonizing - searing
A Savior - unrecognized & misunderstood - -
Saving the world by giving up His breath.

Thank You, Jesus!

Love Your Daughter,

Easter Sunday Mini Style Guide

Easter Options 1

Easter Options 2

Easter Baskets

No matter what you wear, remember the true meaning of Easter & that you are cherished & purchased at a great price...  I think I'm going to wear something from my closet, but I do have one more trip planned to my favorite secondhand place! =)


P.S.: Don't forget your bonnet!

love this song from Dara Maclean!  It reminds me I'm totally free... not because of anything I've done, but all because of my sweet Savior Christ!  Easter blessings, girls - we are forgiven & sheltered in the shadow of the cross!

{Last Minute} Crafty Easter Ideas

fabric egg decals

homespun applique bunny bag

jelly bean door decor

Peep s'mores

daffodil table favors

egg planters

lay your sins at the cross mini garden

super easy party favor/basket filler {it reads "Bunny Tails," by the way}

nest cupcakes {you can use coconut shavings or FiberOne cereal for the nest, too + top on cookies}

beautiful wreath {love it}

Happy Easter!


{all images via Pinterest}

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bess' Millinery Studio {2 Tutorials From the Mad Hatter Herself}

Let's Bring Back the Bonnet

Hello there!  Didn't fancy you were reading a Mad Hatter's blog, did you?  Well, don't worry about it dear; I didn't know myself!
So, I'm back from yesterday's 'Bring Back the {Easter} Bonnet' post with not just 1, but 2 millinery tutorials...

Bess' Handy Dictionary:
millinery - art/work of making hats
milliner - hat-maker

Let's start with the brown headband fascinator, shall we? 

What You Need: headband {I wrapped mine in ribbon}; feathers {&/or silk flowers, beads, gems, small birds =), etc.}; hot glue

This is a pretty simple little make-it with a stunning presentation.  What I did was individually place {using hot glue} the feathers in a sort of flower shape.  Add as many or as few as you wish!  It's a good idea to try on your headband first & play around with frill-placement before you commit it to the hot glue gun.

Now for the little white hat/fascinator...  I am so thrilled with how this turned out - & to think it came from a spur-of-the-moment idea & an old CD! =)

What You Need: hot glue; unwanted CD; straw placemat; scissors; felt; frills {silk flowers, beads, tulle netting, buttons, feathers, etc.}; a little bit of stuffing; metal hair clip

Ever have one of those craft projects where you finally get to use some of those bits & pieces you've been saving in a totally fabulous way?  This was that for me!  I had a circular white straw placemat I got from my fave store {Dollar Tree} last year, which I still didn't know what to do with + old CDs I had found in a free box...

Cut the straw placemat larger than the CD {large enough to be able to tuck & glue the placemat over the edge of the CD}.  Cutting little slits around the placemat makes it easier to fold around the edge.  Before gluing to CD, add a little bit of stuffing!

Trace a CD onto the felt & cut out.  I found I had to trim the felt more {so it wouldn't show} before I glued it snuggly to the underside of the hat. 

Next, add all the frills with hot glue!

Practice the positioning of the hair clip with the hat & then hot glue down.  I actually did this step before I added the frills, because I didn't want to risk crushing them by pressing the hot glue laden clip onto the back of the hat. =)

Ta da!  Perfect for a royal wedding!  Only you will know you're sporting a
CD-Rom! =) Will I darest wear this on Sunday?!  Hmmm...

Bringing Back the Bonnet,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don Your Easter Bonnet

Oh, how charmingly vintage an 'Easter bonnet' sounds {& looks, of course}!  This Easter Sunday, why not go out on a cherry blossom-laden limb & don a chapeau?  Fred Astaire thinks it's a mighty grand suggestion...        

Let's Bring Back the Bonnet

Straw Hats

Fancy Hats

Easter Fascinators

Oh, Audrey was always fashion forward! =) I think I'll make a fascinator for meself to wear on Sunday... if it turns out well, I'll provide you with the tutorial! 

Easter Greetings,

{2 vintage photos via Pinterest}