Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bess' Travel Diaries: England + Wales, Part 5

Dear Diary,

This land is filled with shopping delights!  I bought 2 frilly tunics for 5 Pounds each at a shop on Portobello Road.  It was my dream to stroll down London's world famous cheap & chic Saturday street market, & I actually did it!  There were street musicians, tons of stalls & tables, + a myriad of tiny appearing stores that once you entered you could get lost in.  Oh, but was it ever crowded!  You couldn't stroll so much as shuffle very slowly {or dangerously dodge in & out of the mob}.   

Cardiff Castle gift shop, Wales {above & below}

this Sleeping Beauty is quite the picky princess

Cardiff, Wales - I loved this stylish second-hand boutique shop window {they were collecting books for charity}

just push the big silver bow to enter =)

look who I spotted out & about collecting their {royal (& patriotic)} necessities

British shopping staples...

This shop {All Saints} is located in the Knotting Hill / Portobello Road area.  The entire window front & much of the walls & other vertical space inside is covered with antique sewing machines! 

even though it is right near Portobello Road's many flea-market-type venues, it is quite the upscale establishment

needless to say, I made no purchases here

Alice's is a famous little antique-brimmed shop on Portobello Road {I got so excited when I saw it}

Well, that concludes my travel diary {hope you've enjoyed it}!  Certainly it wasn't possible to share all the details & adventures, but I hit the highlights.  I still can't believe I went to England & Wales this summer!  Remember to keep those in London in your prayers (riots)...  I am so thankful that I was there when it was pretty peaceful!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Worn Out {But Still Marching}


I am so tired!  I'd really appreciate your prayers right about now as I nearly nod off & fall face 1st into the keyboard {which would lead to some inexplicable code-looking words to appear (that if ever deciphered would simply read "worn out")}.  I see many steep mountains {enshrouded with mist, making the peaks a mystery} in the distance & know the going is going to be tough, but the view will be more than worth it.  I also have praises to add to my state of exhaustion: that I've made it thus far in my new job {& that I have a job in the 1st place (Thank You, Lord!)}; that I've had pretty good days; & that I've seen tiny victories; that I've only cried once (today, sadly); etc.}.  This life sure is tiring!  Well, gotta go.  Thanks for listening & for all your prayers!  Thank You, heavenly Father, for never leaving me to hike this life alone. 


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 100th, Lucy!

We Love Lucy

No one can make us laugh quite like Lucy can...

I love her!

Laughs & Smiles,