Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So Long, Blog-tember

Remember September

It’s bittersweet, this farewell to Bailey Jean’s “Blog-tember Challenge.” I’m so glad I participated &, yes, it was definitely a challenge at times to post each & every day & come up with snazzy {or semi-snazzy (cause I just can’t be snazzy ALWAYS)} =) thoughts on the different topics Ms. Bailey created for us {an uber thanks to Bailey Jean for hosting this}.

For the end I thought I’d share my top 5 fave posts from this month. Do I really have to choose? Okay, here goes…

Blog-tember Love,

P.S.: Tomorrow is October!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Let's Blog {You & I}!

I never thought I’d be a blogger. Really. It wasn’t on my bucket list or even on my radar until I first stumbled upon someone’s charming blog & it got me hankering for one of my own. So I took the plunge almost 5 years ago. I don’t claim to be a blogging genius or HTML whiz – in fact, sometimes it amazes me that I’ve even got this little ole’ blog. Social media is such a time taker in this age, so I try to be extra careful & choosy with it. I’m not on Twitter or Instagram & I’ve never played Candy Crush {cause I know I’d probably become an addict with rotten techno-sweet-tooth brain} + I’ve never had a sip or taste of anything from Starbucks & I don’t have an iPhone & rarely text, so I’m basically this crazy twenty-something that goes against all that society says is good & decent… but I like it that way. I like being the girl God made me to be. So what if the world doesn’t get it? =)

Lately I’ve been wondering about shaking things up here on the blog. A new design, a new name…? I’d l-o-v-e your input/advice/wisdom.

Perhaps you’ve thought about starting up a blog yourself? Say a prayer, take some time, & then take that first step. I’d be happy to help you in any way I can, just drop me a line {er, comment} & let me know! Blogging is a journey; it’s work; it’s therapy; it’s a mini community that spans the globe… It’s many things & many peoples, maybe one of those people should be you.

Blogging Love,


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Highs & Lows {Sept.}

Highs / Lows {Sept.}

+overcoming fears & enjoying moonlight swims
+substitute teaching jobs {one little girl gave me a post-it note declaring my awesomeness (I don't know about that, but it's now displayed on my fridge)}
+antique shopping & playing video games with my mom {a strange combo, but that's how we roll} =)
+being able to take my nephew home after school some days {I've been able to sub at his school lots}
+my nephew's 6th b-day {can't believe it}
+connecting with new blogging sisters for Bailey Jean's "Blog-tember Challenge"
+creating my 1st {albeit completely imperfect} vlog 
+loving teaching my preschoolers at church
+enjoying the fallish weather out-of-doors

+applying for full time work with no doors opening {God seems to be saying "wait," I suppose}
+struggling with fears
+struggling with comparing my story-thus-far to others'

+getting locked in a swimming pool {read more about it here}

September's almost done, my dear.  Here's to a bright {be good to me} October!  {I wish I was typing this post up wearing a high-low skirt!  It just seems fitting...  Sorry, I'm beginning to ramble.}


P.S.: What were some of your highs & lows this month?  I'd love to hear in a comment!  

P.P.S.: Any prayer requests?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Even More Fall Favorites {'The Circle' Link Up}

Fall Favorites

1. Favorite fall fashion/clothing item?
Boots!  I love to wear em with tights & a dress/skirt.

2. Favorite fall drink?

I love caramel hot chocolate this time of year.  

3. What's something on your fall bucket list?

Go on an autumn picnic.  You can view my full fall bucket list here {It's in video form!}. =)

4. Favorite fall recipe?

I'm no Julia Child {not by a long shot (but maybe I will be, cause she actually never learned to cook until she was 32 - so I have a few years yet {i.e.: there's hope} - but I digress)}.  The most fallish thing I've made is probably rice krispies treats made with pumpkin flavored marshmallows.  In spite of my lack in cookery talents, I'm hoping to try my hand at some comfort food recipes this fall.

5. Halloween candy or Pumpkin Spice Latte? 

I have to be honest, I've only ever stepped into a Starbucks once {shocking, I know}, & then I didn't even get anything!  So, needless to say I've never had a PSL.  I am, however, a perpetual fan of chocolate!  {Need I say more?}

6. Favorite fall scent?

Pumpkin!  I'm itching to buy a Bath & Body Works wallflower refill to fill my apt. with the yummy autumn scent!  They have so many pumpkin choices, it's going to be hard to choose!

7. Favorite fall holiday?  

I'm an autumn birthday girl - so there's that, but I also love the comfort, tradition, & gratitude-attitude of Thanksgiving!  Plus, the feeling of being cozy with my family, watching parades, playing games, & the smells of deliciousness wafting from the kitchen! 

8. What is fall weather like where you live?

Typically, autumn is sweet relief from the humid southern summer in my neck of the woods.  The air feels coolish, crisp, & some days down right chilly.

Autumn Love,
In Its Time

Bess' Autumn Wishlist

Bess' Autumn Wishlist

Wishlist Love,

P.S.: A girl can wish, can't she?

P.P.S.: What's on your list?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Not Who I Was {But Perpetually Becoming}


I know this much: I’m not who I am when I first began. Do you ever wonder if you are growing better or worse – as if it’s something you can measure like skinny pencil lines slowly traveling up the wall each year to mark the growth? I’ve learned - & I keep relearning in my foolish humanity style – that so many of life’s lessons are lessons that take a lifetime. I don’t know why they don’t stick… things like God is faithful; He will take care of you, so fear not; Jesus’ blood is enough to wash away your sins; He has a good plan. Even though these utter Truths are memorized & head-knowledge, when illness comes & jobs are lost; when families fall apart & natural disasters take lives; when evil seems to triumph & aloneness stifles the heart; when mistakes are made for the umpteenth time & the devil prowls… we forget what we know & have to relearn. I pray that I can grow steadfast & make these Truths more “heart” knowledge, & that when I forget I will be gently reminded through opening The Word & uttering the tiny prayer of, “Father, help me.” It is only through His strength. He knows the unbelief of His people since Adam & Eve & the grumbling Israelites & to today when I forget. He has always been faithful & He does not change. He is steadfast. Keep learning the Truths that the world tries to dilute & wash away – they will remain, whether you choose to believe or not. Though I pray you believe, dear one, & remember the Truth that has won the victory! I am not who I was a year ago, but I’m seeking to grow in the lessons that take a lifetime to be lived out unto the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Truth & Love,


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Guest Posting Today! {DIY Word Art Pillow}

Hello all!  I'm guest posting today over at sweet Charlotte's blog {Inside Charlotte's Mind}.  Stop by & learn how to make the pillow shown above, won't you?  Be sure to explore the brand new Inside Charlotte's Mind, too!

DIY Love,

P.S.: Can you believe October is almost here?!

Guest Post with "Inside Charlotte's Mind"

Good day everyone. I am taking time out from posting on my blog today and posting for Bess. I have to admit this whole guest blog idea makes me feel rather like a rockstar...I feel as though I should be making some diva-style demands! But I won't do that...well not today at least.
I found this Blogtember Challenge truly wonderful, I have come across so many people that I have a lot in common with. A wonderful long distance friendship will now be in place between Bess and I, and for this I am so very thankful.
She is a lovely lady. So very kind and sweet.

But onto the task at hand eh?! Go forth into the breach so they say.

I thought I would share some things with you all that I have on my mind of late.
There was a prompt a week or so ago about what inspires us, and at the time all my brain focused on was in a blogging sense. But after having time to meditate on it so to speak, I would like to share with you about my late father.

Stephen James Ward - died February 17th 1990 aged 30.

I was 4 when my father died.
Whenever people used to ask me what happened to him, they always assume it was an illness..this is not so.
I remember pieces from that day.
But to be honest I have repressed quite a lot.
On that day my dad, mum 2 brothers and I were travelling home on the motorway.
Whilst doing so an accident occurred between several cars. Without thinking dad stopped and went to help.
There were 2 women and a baby stuck in a vehicle.
What I remember is my mum coming to the car to retrieve a blanket, I remember seeing blue flashing lights.
I remember being driven away in a police car.
My father inspires me for many reasons.
He is a hero to me and always will be.
He gave his life to save others.
I may have lost dad, but others got to live.

There are some things about me that people assume when they meet me.
They assume that I want pity - this is not so, all I want is for people to understand that although there may be a lot of hatred in the world, there is always a diamond shining in the darkness.
I have talked on numerous occasions about the pain that comes with bullying and depression - again people think I want attention. This is not so. I personally feel that both of these topics have a stigma and need to be talked about. Children and adults alike need to understand and believe that they are not worthless. They are loved. If nobody else will, I will be there for anyone who needs help.
I am a compassionate person. It's safe to say sometimes I may put my emotions into things a tad too much. but do you know what, sometimes it is ok to do this.
Yes, I am british. Yes, I have emotions! We are not all about the stiff upper lip :-)
Although I may not feel like being cheerful sometimes, I would rather make someone else happy. Other peoples joy and happiness is so important to me.
I am one of those people who can hide their feelings and emotions very well when I need too. But if someone is in pain, I need to help.
"I wear my heart on my sleeve," thank you Shakespeare!

Lets end in a cheery fashion shall we - check this out -
only 2% of the world has red hair so I am basically a majestic unicorn!!

Thank you all for reading today. I hope you get a chance to check out the rest of my blog, when you pop on over to see Bess' post.

Have a therapeutic Thursday...and remember it's Friday tomorrow!!
So have a dance around and get that Friday feeling lovely people.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Bucket List

P.S.: What do you want to do this fall?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Strolling in the Park

I live in quite a bustling city & I love it!  But, sometimes I just want to unplug & get away from the madness - you know, get back to nature!  There's this park next to the river with miles {yes, miles} of walking trails - it's one of my havens on this planet.  Here's a glimpse...

Hometown Love,

Monday, September 22, 2014

5 Blogs I ♥

Blog Love

A Beautiful Mess
Who doesn't love sisters Elsie & Emma?  They're super crafty in every since of the word.  Ever since I moved into my own space I've grown a deep love for decorating & setting up my place - these girls inspire me to do just that!

Don't let the name fool you {there isn't a skunk (unless maybe a stuffed one) & there isn't a boy (unless you count her husband)}... All I know is I just like having a peek into Katie & her sweet family's life - their vintage-ness & quirky creativity is inspiring & just plain fun {in my honest opinion}.  

Holley Gerth {Coffee for Your }
She's not only an absolutely fabulous author of Christian books about dreaming God-sized dreams, she's a sweet encourager through her blog writings, too.  She brings the caffeine for your heart {Holley, if by some minute chance you're reading this, you can steal that tagline!}.  

P.S. - I Made This
This blog is a DIY dream land!  Plus, it's got super easy instructions with bright photos {& some videos, too}, so you can totally recreate the ideas yourself.  Whether it's nifty fashion crafts, recipes, or decorating ideas P.S. - I Made This is the place to be!  {P.S.: I ♥ their inspiration boards, too.} 

Ruffles & Stuff
This is {I think} the first ever blog I found back in the day that became my first ever favorite!  Disney is a Jesus-loving mom & foster-mom, preacher's wife, & general cool crafter girl.  She is strong in Jesus {the most important thing in this crazy broken world}.

Blog Loving,

P.S.: What are some of your favorite blogs?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Favorites

Autumn Love

  • pumpkins - the smell, the taste of pumpkin pie, the cuteness of piling & placing them around as decor
  • leaves - watching the hills come alive with color, hearing them crunching underneath my feet, playing in the piles
  • weather - the chill in the air, cozy sweater weather, boots & scarves released from storage
  • holidays - the special days {including my birthday}
Autumn Love,

P.S.: What do you love about fall?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Day in the Life

I'm a big fan of Saturdays!  There's no work, no early get-up, no set schedule - only possibilities for this girl!  I got up around 8:30ish & took a short stroll in my neighborhood after breakfast.  {Leaves are falling, guys!}
I started a new book I picked up at the library yesterday.  It's another in the Miss Bianca series by Margery Sharp & it really is truly charming!  If you have young ones or just appreciate children's literature, I recommend these!
I got gas for $2.94 today!  The best price I've seen in a long while.
After lunch {chicken nuggets smothered in honey (my guilty pleasure) + broccoli smothered in cheese}, my mom & I went antique shopping.  We didn't make any purchases, but we got plenty of inspiration/ideas!  Afterwards I went to my childhood home {i.e.: my mom's} & we ate Conn's potato chips & watched Netflix {more guilty pleasure} {we may or may not have also played a game or 2 of old school Super Mario World}.  Love my mom - & I know it's important to be with loved ones while you can!
I ended the evening with a bowl full of chocolaty cereal & another stroll - so thankful I live where there are plenty of sidewalks {God is good!}.

Daily Love,

P.S.: What did you do today, my friend?

Friday, September 19, 2014

"Don't Be Like the Rest of Them, Darling!"

That's what I'd tell you if we could meet face to face.  We'd sit with some coffee, tea, root beer {whatever you like} between us & some hot cinnamon rolls or dishes piled high with ice cream {& chocolate sauce} & I'd tell you.  As it is, I'll "write" you this truth, instead {& you'll have to supply your own refreshments - sorry, maybe someday...}.

  • You don't have to laugh at the jokes you know aren't funny.
  • You don't have to wear the too tight or too short/low clothes.
  • You don't have to watch the tv shows & movies you know don't match up with your beliefs.
  • You don't have to lower your standards for guys {the right ones will like you for you}.
  • You don't have to change who you are to be accepted, real friends like the real girl.
  • You don't have to chase boys, the ones worth considering will pursue you.
  • You don't have to do all the {crazy} things the world says are cool - it turns out, they're wrong.
  • You don't have to be a carbon copy or cookie-cutter of everyone else, be your own unique self.
  • You don't have to fret about what others will say/think - you only have an audience of One to please {that's Jesus, & He'll take care of you}.
"But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that you should show forth the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into 
His marvelous light."
-1 Peter 2:9 {emphasis mine}

Truth & Love,

P.S.: Believe it!

P.P.S.: Grab the image above as a free printable {just for you} to remind you when life tries to make you forget.

Click on the image & then right click & save to your computer {or copy & paste}.  Open in a word document, resize if necessary, print, & remember this truth, darling!

CONDITIONS OF USE: My printables are free for personal use only.  Feel free to share them on Pinterest provided you credit & link back to http://bessbag.blogspot.com/ {Bess' Bag}.  If you want to blog about these printables, or share a project you created using them, it would be fabulous, just be sure to credit & link back to http://bessbag.blogspot.com/ {Bess' Bag} (feel free to use 1 or 2 of my photos, but please don't share the actual printable on your site - just add a link to it).  Thanks & enjoy!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bess in Loch Ness

Bess' Loch Ness Scrapbook

I had dreamed of this trip my whole life {well, at least since middle & high school}.  I had a bold blue sticker with the word "Scotland" emblazoned on it across my agenda mate in 9th grade.  I had a tea towel with the map of Scotland I snagged at a yard sale taped to the wall of my bedroom {& I may or may not have kissed the skinny blue spot that read Loch Ness when I passed by}.  I even took close-up shots of pictures of the Scottish Highlands in books, so I could feel a little closer to actually being there myself {they didn't turn out very well}.  I had driven everyone {& myself} crazy with my dream.  And, finally {who can believe it}, at 20 years old, I was on my way.  My mom was braver than I think I could be in her place - sending her daughter out into the wide world all by herself.  Yes, you see, that was part of the dream, I would go completely solo {no tour groups / not knowing a single soul}; I had, though, booked my lodgings {3 B&Bs in different areas for my week long adventure}.  Did I mention I'd never been on an airplane before either?  It was a crazy adventure & a dream come true.   My luggage was lost coming & going; I got kinda lost myself once; I walked all over {Scottish} creation; waded in Loch Ness & took a boat ride {where I did see something strange in the water (who knows)}; bothered the poor shopkeeper so much with my questions that he finally uttered in mock-exasperation, "What is it now, Bess?" in his thick Scottish accent; made a peculiar request at a petrol station; saw sheep; & walked barefoot in the green, green grass {to name a few}. =)   

Edinburgh {the capitol (& very gray) city}

Loch Ness

this is taken out of one of the windows in the ruins of Castle Urquhart - you can see a strange tiny speck in the water {maybe I unknowingly captured a shot of Nessie - or not (though I do believe in the lake beast)}

Adventurous Love,

P.S.: 4 years later I took another solo jaunt across the pond {this time to England & Wales}!  To read about my escapades there click these links: Travel Diary Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, & Part 5.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My First Ever Vlog!


P.S.: You'll probably need to turn your volume all the way up {sorry} - just remember to turn it back down when you're done.

P.P.S.: Maybe one day I'll feel like sharing my face on here, but I like the anonymity & maybe this way will help me make it more about Jesus & less about me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In Which I Get Locked in a Pool

True Story

Most people don't know this but... last week I was locked in a swimming pool. Let me try & explain my crazy tale...

I've been struggling with fear lately {& I guess what other people think, too - or you could say the fear of what other people think}.  Anyhow, I had let this keep me from going swimming in my apartment complex's swimming pool all summer. {Coming together with perfect strangers, all while wearing a bathing suit, is scary to most everyone, right?} Finally {after much prayer & courage finding (thank You, Jesus)}, I decided to go swimming one early September evening.  I checked first & found the pool was empty & I took my key, opened the gate, & swam in the starry moonlight.  It was exhilarating!  I went every night after & always found the pool vacant.  Last Monday, I donned my suit & boardshorts & headed to the pool.  It was again empty & I began to swim around.  At one point I hear a rattling while I'm at the far end of the pool.  I see no one & assume someone's forgot their gate key.  I continue swimming, nervously wondering if this will be the night I finally won't have the whole pool to myself.  After several minutes more {still alone} I decide to head back.  When I get to the gate & pull the handle, it doesn't budge.  I try again.  Nothing.  That's when I see the large metal padlock on the other side.  I'm locked in!  Eeek!  

Actually at this point I sorta laugh, cause what else can I do?  Oh yes, & my cell phone is completely dead, no one's around, it's dark, & I'm dripping wet.  Laugh it up, Bess!  I weigh my options.  The pool doesn't open until 8:00 the next morning, meaning I'd be late to work - oh yes, & the obvious, I don't want to spend all night out here!  I look around at the high fence & then down at my flip flops - I don't think I can climb the fence without getting all scraped to pieces.  Then, I spot it, a small slightly raised section at the bottom of a portion of the fence.  It doesn't look very large, but what else is there?  I wrap my towel around myself {cause this fence looks like it could rip my suit & then I'd have a whole other story to tell}.  I have no idea if I'll fit, but I try & miraculously I find myself out on the other side with only a few scrapes on my knees {maybe I can be the next Houdini}.  I think an angel must have come & held that fence up for me, cause honestly I can't see how it worked {but all things are possible through Christ (Philippians 4:13) - including narrow pool escapes}.  So, that's my story.  I seem to have a genius for trouble, here lately.

Crazy {True} Story Love,

Monday, September 15, 2014

Free Indeed

Free Indeed

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."
-John 8:36

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, & do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."
-Galatians 5:1

"In Him {Jesus Christ} & through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom & confidence."
-Ephesians 3:12

Be free in Jesus, dear one.

Love {Given Freely},

P.S.: All verses are taken from the NIV.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Blog {Short} Story

Bess' Blog {2 Year Anniversary}

I first stumbled upon some sweet inspiring blogs once upon a time way back in early 2010ish. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever start up one of my own. However, on February 15, 2010, I did just that & launched Bess’ Bag out into this crazy world wide web space. One of my New Year’s resolutions back then {2010} was to encourage girls in their Christian walk & I thought a blog would be a nifty way to reach lots of young women from all over. It’s been almost 5 years {& 597 posts} & my favorite part of being a blogger is still sharing my stories/ideas & connecting with my readers.  Thank you for being one of those readers!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bess in the Singular


It's no surprise around here, I'm single.  I mean really, really single.  I mean - oh, yeah, I guess you get the point.  I've pretty much always been solo in the world's eyes, but God's always with me so I'm never really alone - really.

I remember the 1st time this guy {9-10 years my senior & not a Christian} whispered in my ear that he "wanted to be my boyfriend," & I gave my timeless answer of "get in line" - to which, he responded, "I was here first," which gave me a cringing creepy feeling of being viewed as real estate or the prime spot in a McDonald's drive thru line {or something}.  Needless to say, I remained in my single status, despite his, um, boyfriend declaration.

This past February {several years after the above atheistic fellow (Why do I seem to attract the Charles Darwin type?)}, snow days hit hard & I found myself going stir crazy.  In said craziness, I did something I had said I would never do: I signed up for a free trial on a Christian dating website {I blame the deadly combination of cabin fever paired with the swift approach of Feb. 14th}.  {NOTE: It's not that I think anything's wrong with online dating, per-say; in fact, I've seen some great godly married couples {& sweet bouncing babies} come out of it - I just didn't think it was for me.}  Meanwhile back at the ranch {apt.}, a guy who lived about an hour away started e-mailing me through this dating site thingamajig.  Before I knew it {within days/before I returned to work from my snow days}, he proposed that we meet!  Say what!?  Okay, so it made me a crazy nervous lunatic as I prayed he wasn't one & questioned why I had agreed to such a thing!  The "date" was set for the day after Valentine's.  He would drive down & meet me at a coffee shop.  He even offered that I bring a friend, if that would make me more comfortable.  I opted to come on my own, but I had done my Nancy-Drew-like detective work beforehand {Googled him & found his Facebook profile} & alerted some folks of my planned whereabouts for the day & this guy's name.  Plus, the cup-o'-overpriced-Joe rendezvous place was not only tiny, but always bustling {&, above all, this girl had her God with her every shaky step}.  

So, somehow, on Feb. 15th {my blogoversary, actually} I got all dolled up & forced myself to get in the car & drive... oh, & to not veer off the bridge into the water.  {Did I mention, I was a nervous butterfly-infested fraidy girl?}  To make a long story short-er, it was uber awkward at the start {&, really, most of the way through}.  After minimal conversation in the coffee shop {where it felt like amused eyes were watching as they sipped their lattes at tables nearby}, I suggest we head to a nearby park.  We drive separately & meet back up to walk around the paths.  More awkward-ness, but I {at least} begin to feel better now that there's room to breathe & talk freely {without overly caffeinated prying eyes & ears}.  He was definitely a nice guy, but I didn't feel like he was the one for me.  I threw out what I thought were funny jokes that only seemed to scare the poor fellow - I guess he didn't appreciate me saying that the guy with the tinted windows who circled the parking lot twice as we stood by our cars talking, was an ex-marine sharp-shooter whom I hired for the afternoon.  I thought it was pretty funny.  And, no I didn't {hire anyone, that is - they did it for free (just kidding - mere handy coincidence)}.  I, in turn, didn't laugh when he pointed out a bit of leafy green in an otherwise bare tree.   He asked, completely innocently, as we walked under it what it was.  Was he kidding?  He sounded sincere.  I managed something to the effect of, "You know what that is.  It's mistletoe."  I then proceed to say, "Just pretend you never saw it," all mock-serious like.  Not even a hint of a smile on his part.  La te da!

I've had several misadventures in my day {& more to come, I'm sure}, but I've learned that this life is not to be put on hold until everything falls into place {I don't believe it ever really does, for that matter, this side of heaven}.  Life does not begin after "I do."  It has already begun & time is precious, sister!  The world will tell you {sadly, some well meaning church sisters & brothers (& family) may express this, too (forgive em, they're just fellow human imperfection)} that you're an outsider, a paranormal freak show, you name it because of your relationship status & the fact that you're not clamoring after guys in order to become a plural over a single.  I know you've heard it before {but it really is true}, God's got this whole thing already figured out.  Stop fretting {easier said than done, I know, so try real hard}.  He's good & knows what you need & the desires of your heart.  In the end {& in the beginning, too} only He can fully satisfy your soul.  Jesus is your completer, not some lovely, but fully flawed male creation.  Just saying.  Go, live your life, take the trips, write the books, plant the gardens, start the businesses, go on the mission trips, jump off the high dives, try, fail, & get up again, fall in love with Your completer & redeemer.  Your life is already ticking, don't wait for a lover of your soul to come around - He already has & His name is Jesus.  If God brings a guy into your life as you're out there imperfectly living it for Him, it'll be an unexpected blessing.  If He doesn't {& either way}, He will be enough.  There will be harder days when it doesn't seem fair & loneliness hangs heavy, but even then He is enough.  Keep on going, single sister.  There is adventure & love to be had in Christ.        

So, I live this singular life, hoping/praying every once in a while, that a guy lurks {okay, hopefully not lurks} out there somewhere who will send me flowers & call me beautiful & hold my hand & heart & adventure this journey with me & who loves God first & me second.  Only God knows who, when, where, how, & if.  Come what may, I'm living, cause Christ is enough!

Love in the Singular,

P.S.: For more {from me} on this & other similar topics click here & here.

Friday, September 12, 2014

"It's a Tradition!"


I happen to be a girl who loves traditions.  I'm eager to create some new ones with my own family some day, but I don't let that stop me from creating my own "single" ones now.  Here's a few of em....
  • on the 1st day of summer I watch Disney's Tuck Everlasting
  • I always decorate my Christmas tree while watching a holiday movie
  • I place a nativity set under my tree every December
  • each New Year's eve I put on a fancy dress & sing praises to God as I herald in midnight {all by myself}
  • I always start the New Year off by eating something sweet {in hopes of a sweet New Year, of course}
Traditions {& Love},

P.S.: What are some of your traditions?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inspiration, Don't You Be a Fleeting Thing!


Inspiration not only comes on its own timetable, but its source is also hard to pin down & is a veritable shape-shifter of its own whim.  It could be born of most anything: object, word, poem, smell, memory, color, song, weather, emotion...  It is not an exhaustible list.  It has been found in-between the ridges of a tree's bark, in a droplet of dew suspended {like a chandelier} from a skinny blade of grass, an orchestra's final crescendo, a wonky crack in the sidewalk, a Pinterest board, the scent of a cinnamon stick, a missionary's speech, a certain shade of teal...  God has given us an entire creation full of inspiration & He chooses to inspire us each differently.  Be patient, keep working, & inspiration will come when it's time.  

Here's a few ways I seek to stay inspired:
1. read
2. take walks
3. be observant
4. try something new
5. explore
6. go out in nature
7. think up new uses for things
8. take time to smell the roses {i.e.: slow down} 

Inspiration {& Love},

P.S.: Here's a few of the people who inspire me: my mom, Paul {of the Bible}, Helen Keller, Beatrix Potter, Audrey Hepburn, Louisa May Alcott, Emily Dickinson, & Gladys Aylward.

P.P.S.: How do you stay inspired & who inspires you?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 Things

You're Beautiful!

I've been participating in Bailey Jean's "Blog-tember Challenge" since Sept. 1st {& really enjoying it, by-the-by}!  Today's prompt is  to list 10 things that you love about yourself.  Bailey adds, "Let's kick that negative self-talk outta here!"  I agree, but I have to admit it doesn't come easy sometimes in this world so full of airbrushed falsities & unrealistic ideals.  It helps to remember I was fashioned by the Master Artist & every intricate detail {down to the swirl of our fingerprints} was planned for His purpose.  

Here's my list...

1. my eyes
2. my hair
3. my zany sense of humor
4. my creative spirit
5. my perseverant heart
6. my adventure-loving self
7. the dimple when I smile
8. my playful nature
9. my empathy for my fellow broken humanity
10. my ability to laugh at myself 

"I praise You because I am fearfully & wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well." -Psalm 139:14