Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Big Flood

I've missed you guys!   My life has been icky for a while here lately.  About three weeks ago I came home from work to ice right outside my front door {never a good sign}.  It looked as if it had gushed from inside & froze once it reached the doormat area... when I opened the door I witnessed that it had done just that.  I was standing in water inside my apartment!

This ice bucket was over half full of yellowy water from the mess, & my chalkboard sign stating, "happy 2014 - the best is yet to be" was smeared down the middle from the dripping {not a great start to the year}.

There was literally water standing in every room of my apartment, which meant anything on the ground was at best wet, & at worst ruined.  Thankfully I have renter's insurance, but still it's a nightmare of a situation.  Since all this has happened I've moved to a new apartment complex & let's just say my old apartment people aren't very happy about this & want me to pay a huge fine.  Please pray for me, sweet sisters!  I just want to see January gone & this fine business settled without too much drama.  I know God's with me, but He must be wearing waterproof boots!

Love Through the Mess,

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Resolutions {AKA: Dreams}

Here's a few of my many dreams for 2014...

What are some of yours?

Snag a free printable reminder {below} to help you stay inspired over the next 12 months.  Print it out, frame it, scrapbook it, or place it on the fridge, why-don't-cha?

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the image & then right click & save to your computer {or copy & paste}.  Open in a word document, resize if necessary, & print

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