Friday, February 11, 2011

The Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

The Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day… is it a day you circle with a big red heart on the calendar or do you cross it out, hoping to erase it from reality? Do you feel hopeful or depressed when little cupid decorations begin to hit store shelves? If you’re a single girl this Valentine’s Day it can still be special &, dare I say, even wonderful?! Really, singlehood isn’t a terrible curse. It isn’t leprosy or a ball & chain you wear. Honest, even on February 14th…

1. Wear a cute valentine-y outfit.
Whether it’s a red dress that usually sits in your closet {lonely}, a cozy pink sweater you just love paired with a romantic maxi skirt, or adding a pair of heels & a heart-shaped ring to your normal attire…sprucing yourself up extra snazzy can make you feel good (no boyfriend required=). I think I’ll wear something special to church this year + on Valentine’s Day. Need some attire inspiration? Check out my Valentine Wear Guides!

2. Eat candy!
Hey, chocolate is just as scrumptious whether it’s from a mom or dad, friend, or even yourself! Go ahead & treat you! NOTE: Caramel chews received from boyfriends aren’t sweeter. It’s been scientifically proven. =)

3. Write a love note to your heavenly Father + future husband.
I started this tradition last February 14th {the day before I started this blog, actually}. It was really special {& made me feel special & loved} to write a love letter to my first & truest valentine…God + to the man who will one day hold my heart where my Father dwells.

4. Watch a clean romantic flick.
Pop some popcorn & go here for a list of some of my personal favorites!

5. Love your family & friends.
Hug ‘em & kiss ‘em! Let those people in your life know how much they mean to you {& don’t forget to thank God for them}. I always make little goodie bags for my folks & pals. Yep, I may not be attached romantically, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t special people in my life {who deserve candies & cards}.

6. Dance around & worship.
Shut the door to your room, turn on some great music, & praise God. And, yes, you can dance on Valentine’s Day with your Heavenly Daddy & King.

7. Get crafty romantic style.
Get creative & make stuff with ruffles, bows, silk flowers/petals, etc.

8. Read the 1 Corinthians love verses.
You’ll find them in chapter 13.

9. Do things for others.
Love truly puts others first. So, this Val Day choose to go out of your way for somebody. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, visit the elderly at a nursing home, send a card to a widow at your church, present your mom with a bouquet of flowers, & show God’s love to those around you.

10. Be thankful.
Yes, you really can do this. Just think, you’re God’s princess, right? He sees you when you first wake up – crazy hair & all; He sees you when you mess up & say the wrong thing; when you walk out of the restroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe; when zits pop up on your chin & you think you’ve really got leprosy & need to pack your bags & head to a quarantined island where you can bond with your fellow sufferers; when you look in the mirror & feel un-lovely; when you do bad things – He sees everything… And, you know what, He loves you despite all that. In fact, He loves you more than anyone on this whole big planet/universe/you-name-it ever can or will. It doesn’t matter that you look rough at 6:30 am, that other guys don’t give you a second glance, that you do things that aren’t pretty, even that you do things against the One who loves you the most. He still loves you – unmerited, unchanging, & un-this-doesn’t-make-since (okay, so I made the last one up, but it’s still true). God loves you & calls you His beautiful girl. Yep, I can be thankful this Valentine’s Day – there’s no worry will so-&-so like my outfit, will he like the card I got him, will he reciprocate my feelings, what will he think about these puffy eyes I’m sporting? Nope, I’ve got it good. Really.

Love You,


  1. Thanks for the encouragement & ideas Bess! =)

  2. Such great ideas, Bess! I'll definitely be doing some of those. *winks*

  3. Amazing post, Bess. :) I really needed this. With Valentine's Day approaching, I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself about my singleness, to be honest.


  4. How funny/fun! =D Great, encouraging post! I think a fun movie night/do things for others Valentines is awesome sounding! =D

  5. Great ideas, Miss Bess!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you are having a lovely day filled with those *wink*!:)

    Love you lots,
    P.S. Still keeping your stepfather, you, and your family in prayer! <3

  6. Love this post Bess! Thanks for sharing!:)

    Many Blessings,

  7. what an encouraging post Bess!! You've got some lovely ideas there that I plan on trying out! :) Thanks!!!
    ~Lady Florimel~


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