Friday, August 12, 2011

Worn Out {But Still Marching}


I am so tired!  I'd really appreciate your prayers right about now as I nearly nod off & fall face 1st into the keyboard {which would lead to some inexplicable code-looking words to appear (that if ever deciphered would simply read "worn out")}.  I see many steep mountains {enshrouded with mist, making the peaks a mystery} in the distance & know the going is going to be tough, but the view will be more than worth it.  I also have praises to add to my state of exhaustion: that I've made it thus far in my new job {& that I have a job in the 1st place (Thank You, Lord!)}; that I've had pretty good days; & that I've seen tiny victories; that I've only cried once (today, sadly); etc.}.  This life sure is tiring!  Well, gotta go.  Thanks for listening & for all your prayers!  Thank You, heavenly Father, for never leaving me to hike this life alone. 



  1. Oh, dearest Bess! I'm keeping you in my prayers, dear sister. Life can be so exhausting and I am still young, and don't know the half of it...yet. :)

    Love you so much, deary!

  2. Bess,
    You are in my prayers! I also started a new job recently and know how hard that can be. Congratulations, though on getting the job! I hope that it will become easier and more enjoyable!
    God Bless,
    P.S. Here's something you might like that I've been reading: Isaiah 43


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