Monday, January 16, 2012

This Season

This Season

Winter, that is winter-after-New-Year’s, can be such a long, dark, heart-tiring, finger-numbing time. Oh sure, it has high spots like friendly little snowflakes, steamy mugs of hot chocolate with floatable mini marshmallows, & frosty windowpanes that magically appear at dawn… but the highest high spot of Christmas has peaked & dwindled down to the lower midlands & valleys of the doldrums.

If there is in fact a time for everything (as Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 tells us; & I believe it, of course), then let January & February & the remains of this icebox-of-a-season be a time to pull ever closer to the warmth of our heavenly Father. Immerse yourself in the hardy coverings of prayer, reading His Word, & finding new ways to serve Him. Snow melts, barren soil eventually hosts green shoots that eventually bud, then blossom. This is not the end of the adventure, but the start. A season will not last forever.

This Season II

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