Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crafty Valentine's Ideas

Oh, my life is perpetually busy, & each & every Sunday evening I find myself in a fearful funk about returning to work on Monday {the work that follows me on through each weekend – no escaping it}. Cherish the time when you are young & free, ladies! I know I sound terribly pessimistic & all that jazzy blues… Anyhow [me trying to shake the feeling & return to utter trust that there’s a purpose for all this], I wanted to share these Valentine “Love Stories” I created out of wooden blocks of wood {shaped to look like solid little tomes}. I found ‘em at a thrift store for less than a $1, added scrapbook paper & embellishments, glittering ribbon to act as the page edges, & voila`! I rather like ‘em staggered on a table or straddling my mantle. Pray for me, dear sisters, Sunday evenings make me forget whose trip I’m on… & that I don’t walk alone. Forgive my complaining tongue, I promise to tuck it back into a smile next we meet. I can’t believe it’s almost the 2 year anniversary of Bess’ Bag! See ya soon!  Happy early Val Day! 

I am God’s girl & I will be content {oh, yeah, & hear me roar}!


P.S.: Here's some more Valentine make-it ideas...

{images via Pinterest (except for top 2)}

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