Friday, February 20, 2015

Goals {Feb. 2015}

Okay, so I'm pretty late with these.  I mean, really quite late, indeed.  But life happens, & I like to let it.

Without further ado, here's this month's goals...

1. Keep doing new & brave things!  I had some crazy courageous moments in Jan. & I wanna keep doing these things through Christ who makes me brave!

2. Listen & obey what I hear God calling me to do.  You know when you get that feeling that you should say an encouraging word, send a card, give a beggar at the side of the road something besides avoiding eye contact?  And you let the moment pass?  I don't want the moment to pass with my regret.  If God calls us, He also equips us - even when we're scared silly.

3. Finish reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp & pen at least 50 gifts in my journal.

4. Learn to cook &/or bake something new.  I'm quite culinary-ly challenged, so this will definitely be a stretch!

5. Visit my apartment's mini workout room. {Rollover goal from Jan. (see below).}

Books Read:
  • Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist ****
  • It Will Be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear & Change by Lysa Terkeurst {children's book} ***
  • Make It Happen by Lara Casey ***
Jan. Goals Check-In:

1. Study God's Word more.  I typically always read my Bible daily, but sometimes it feels like I'm skimming the surface, & I want to put on my spiritual scuba gear & go deep this month!
{I have definitely been more intentional, though it isn't always easy!  I've set aside time first thing every morning for Bible & devotional reading & prayer.  I've also been working on praying before this time for God to speak to me through what I read that day in His Word.  I can see Him instructing me & it's amazing!  His Word is awesome & I'm making this goal a habit!}

2. Drink at least 1 glass of water each day.  I've never been good at drinking enough H2O, & though I know I should drink more I'm gonna start small & work my way up to make this goal as successful as possible.  
{Did it!  Some days I even had more than 1 glass.  Carrying this goal over, as well.}

3. Read at least one good faith-based book. 
{Check out the ones I read above.  My favorite was Cold Tangerines!}

4. Visit my apartment's mini workout room.  I've lived here almost a year & never done it!  
{Totally didn't do this one.  Yes, I know...}

5. Work on my posture.  I've noticed I've been slouching a lot lately & I want to break the habit while I can.  
{I did this & my back's hurt some to prove it, but it's definitely an ongoing thing.  Work in progress.}

Got any goals this month?  I'd love to hear about em {don't forget to leave your prayer requests, too}! =)


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