Friday, June 17, 2011

Tips for the Traveling Girl

It's summer & road trips, sandy beaches, & camping outings {mmm smores}are calling our name.  Whether you're traveling by plane, train, or automobile {or by foot} - it's smart to have good pre-journey prep.   
Travel Diaries: Prep
  • Create a list of all the items you're taking & use it as a check list when you pack for home {no more leaving strays behind}. 
  • Never leave your bag(s) unattended, especially at an airport. 
  • Cross body purses are usually roomy enough for a camera & small umbrella + perfect for hands free sightseeing {not to mention more difficult for any sneaky purse snatchers}. 
  • Beware pick-pocketers!  Choose bags with zippers or a flap with clasps, & don't place things in your pockets {unless it's a gum wrapper or something} =)
  • Make sure your travel {& pretravel} is filled with prayer.  Having a tough day & your feet hurt?  Pray!  Excited & grateful over the natural beauty around you?  Pray!  No strange area code or little red phone booth necessary!  God's always there with you...pretty awesome, amazing news for the traveler & pilgrim of this life.      
Travel Diaries: Prep II
  • Pack with your journey & destination in mind.  What do you truly need & what's practical? 
  • Pack one fancy outfit or dress {+ shoes to go with it}; if there's a chance for a night on the town {NOTE: a clutch bag takes up little suitcase space & will make your ensemble look more finished}.  
  • Going abroad?  Research local street style & plan your outfits beforehand to avoid looking touristy.   

Don't forget the essentials:
  • hair brush/hair accessories
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • deodorant
  • toiletries
  • sunscreen
  • shampoo/conditioner {or a 2-in-1}
  • body wash &/or bar of soap
  • face wash
  • band aides
  • cosmetics
  • Tylenol/vitamins &/or other medications
  • pajamas {sometimes these nightly necessities are forgotten - & believe me it's no fun to sleep in your clothes}
  • camera/batteries

Travel Diaries: Prep III

Traveling solo, like me?  Here's what us smart girls pack for the solitary wander:
  • Bible {This is my most important travel item.  God can use it in amazing ways as you head out alone {with just Him} & open it up on a new path.}
  • journal/pen
  • whistle {for safety}
  • mini flashlight
  • umbrella
  • hat {of some sort}
  • personal music player {It's comforting to hear familiar tunes that encourage your spirit to rely on & praise your heavenly Daddy.}
  • snacks
  • street smarts {You can't pack this in your bag, but you better stash it somewhere.  Don't: trust every friendly face; go out alone after dark; take a ride with someone you don't know; etc.  It's hard to say what to & to not to do in every situation, but go with your gut, pray lots, be smart, & live the adventure.} 
Travel Diaries: Prep IV

    Love on this Journey called Life,

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