Saturday, October 15, 2011

Falling Back In

Hello Autumn!

Autumn always makes me smile.  It's pretty amazing that after all these 20-something years on this planet seasons still catch me by's funny...

As you know, I've been absent lately from Bess' Bag, but {thank You, Jesus}, I finally have a break from work and I'll be back in full force for the next week.  Let me tell you, girls, that my job has been the most uber stressful thing... I can't even begin to explain.  After so much prayer to find the right job, I'm not sure of the reason why God has brought me to this... but I don't have to.  The only thing I have to know is that He will bring me through.  I have felt Him carry me these past couple months when I couldn't imagine taking another step forward.  Jesus knows my pain & struggle {of this I'm very sure}, & I know He perfectly planned the following song to play on my car radio, too many times to count, as I've taken the dark winding path to work each morning...  I hope it gives you strength {His perfect kind, which we just can't understand or measure} to face whatever it is that stands in your path...

Autumn Love {with His perfect strength},

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."
-Philippians 4:13

Thank You, dear Lord, for showing up through my radio those dark early mornings, for giving me the power to continue & hold my head high as Your beloved, standing by my side, being for me, & carrying me when I couldn't go any further on my own strength... & for the comforting beautiful surprise of this season.
Love, Your Daughter Forever,

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  1. Sometimes life throws so much at you, you just can't handle a blog :). Hope that you have a VERY non-stressed, restful week. Enjoy the awesome autumn weather!!!



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