Monday, October 17, 2011

Dollar Store Fall Crafts {Yeah!}

I was recently perusing my fave crafting blog “Ruffles & Stuff,” when I found this simple idea… Disney {that’s the fabulous blogger’s name (yes, really)} always inspires me. So, I took her project & ran with it!

Here’s my version…

What You Need:
glass vase (mine is from the Dollar Tree); small limbs/sticks (gather outside=); old books (I got mine out of a free box); scissors; pencil; glue; leaf pattern (optional); decorative moss (again, Dollar Tree); stones/pebbles (optional)

Pour a small layer of stones into your glass vase, and then place decorative moss on top of that layer. Insert sticks into moss at different angles. Next cut out (using a template or freehand) a bunch of leaf shapes from old book paper. Next, fold “leaves” a little to make them look more authentic & then glue onto branches {I also scattered a couple on the table, too, for a little extra effect.}. Finally, wrap a ribbon around the vase. There you have it, a simple, cheap chic easy fall fix for your table!
total cost: about $2

Autumn Leaf Garland

What You Need:
twine; silk flower leaves (I found 50 for $1 at the Dollar Tree!); needle/thread/scissors

This is so completely simple! I love it! All you have to do is sew (by hand) fabric leaves to your twine (you could also use hot glue). I alternated the colors (red, yellow, red, yellow) and left the spacing between leaves pretty much the same. I think I’m going to hang mine outside!
total cost: about $2

I hope to do some more crafting during my break!  It's very therapeutic!


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