Saturday, November 26, 2011

5 Minute {Or Less} Christmas Cuteness

I am so excited... it's my 1st Christmas in my apartment!  Yippee!  I must confess, I've already got the tree up & decorated {though I'm not done yet}!  Spreading Christmas cheer throughout the house is a dream, but it can be tiring, too.  So, here's 3 easy fixes to add seasonal cheer in mere minutes!  From my house to yours...

Easy-Peasy Ornaments

What You Need: clear (or plastic) bulb ornaments {available at craft stores}; tinsel {I heart vintage tinsels/glittery garlands}

What You Do: Pinch the little metal loop & pull the caps off your ornaments.  Insert tinsel into the opening carefully.  Insert as much as you want & then cut off the extra for the next ornament.  Finally, put the metal cap back on.  Ta da!  Simply chic, easy-peasy Christmas ornaments... perfect for hanging on the tree, stacking in a bowl, filling a vase, etc.!  


Instant Christmas Cookie Jar

What You Need: clear glass jar; Christmas scrapbook paper

What You Do: Measure your jar & cut your scrapbook paper accordingly.  Insert scrapbook paper.  Finito!  Hang a gift tag extra on the lid for an added touch. {Yes, I have a Hello Kitty toaster.} =)


Quick Christmas Wall Art

What You Need: Christmas scrapbook paper; frame

What You Do: Find a Christmas-themed scrapbook paper {or even a Christmas card} you love, frame it, & hang it.  Lickety split that was quick! =)

Christmas is coming fast!


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