Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Adventures in DIY Stamp Making

I first tried my hand at stamp making back in this post.  It was quite fun, so I thought I'd add to my repertoire of stamping experiments.  Here's the latest one...
a stamp with the word "TEA"!

Here's how you can make one...

First, find a flat eraser, & with a pen trace your word in block letters - but, wait, this gets tricky!  You have to write it sdrawkcab backwards.  Just try to imagine it so that when you put the stamp on paper, it will read correctly - practice on regular paper first if you need to! =) Next {& uber-carefully} begin to trace the lines of your letters with an X-acto knife & begin cutting squares in your letters.  Then, with your fingers try to pick out pieces of eraser from inside your block letter outline.  Continue this process - cutting with the X-acto knife, putting it down, & picking eraser bits out until you've got it like you want it {so the words are picked out - like the reverse of the heart stamp (where the design stuck out)}.  Then, apply some ink & test it out!  You can always go back & cut/pick away some more if needed.  I love how these stamps look primitive!  
Finally, use your stamp to embellish your surroundings!

Stamping Love,


  1. Those are so neat, Bess! I can't believe your letters turned out so perfectly when you wrote them backwards. I would have to practice a million times before I got mine right. :)

    I can't wait to try that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, you made your own stamp! It turned out great. Have fun using it.


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