Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Top 10 Random Things

1. I’ve always said my dream job would be to name nail polish colors, lipstick hues, or Cabbage Patch dolls {or all three… hmmm… Tutti Fruiti Nadine Marie}. =)
2. I’ve really gotten into making smoothies. My favorite is vanilla ice cream, a splash of milk, bananas (1-2), & banana flavored yogurt all blended together!
3. I’ve shopped at London’s Portobello Road Market. It was crazy packed with people!
4. When I was in middle/high school I volunteered for many summers with the local aquarium’s day camp program.
5. I don’t wear a wrist watch.
6. One of my pet peeves is inappropriate commercials – I especially loathe them when they air during a children’s/family program. Of course, I loathe the inappropriate shows they advertise, as well.
7. The TV show That Girl was a catalyst in me getting my apartment. This is my third year of living on my own!
8. I’ve never had cable TV.
9. Sometimes I impulsively buy little baby things {clothes, board books, etc.} to put away for my future child(ren). Yes, I do dream about being a mommy.
10. I've dreamed in black & white before.   


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  1. Hello! I am a new follower via Shabby's link party. Your smoothie sounds delish. I would add chocolate something or other :) We've also never had cable TV. Waste of time. I do enjoy having Netflix, though!

    I look forward to reading future posts!


  2. Enjoyed your comment on smoothies - I really enjoy the variety that one can make. Generally start with frozen bananas, various yogurts and fruit with some protein powder, then ice.

  3. Pretty sure I dream in black and white all the time. Cool!

  4. Okay, first of all, your blog looks awesome! Seriously. I love that you used that graphic as your header. That never even occurred to me! And your list is awesome! We have so much in common! So glad you participated so I could get to know you better. Awesome!!! (Yep. That was 3 awesomes. I couldn't help it!)


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