Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Make a Summer Fun Bucket!

I love the idea of celebrating days {ordinary & special, alike} & starting traditions.  Even though it's just me - & sometimes it seems silly to start a tradition for one - I'm rather into this kind of silliness {+ I don't want to look back at my single years to discover I put life on hold - I'm living now (at least that's the plan)}! =)  So, in celebration of summer, I gathered & purchased some goodies to ring in the new season.

To make your own {& start a new tradition} just find a bucket, tub, or basket {mine is from the Dollar Tree}.  Fill your bucket with goodies that'll help you celebrate summer {& that just make you happy}!  Now, you've got all you need in one place to make ordinary, summery days extra special!  Hmmm, maybe there needs to be an autumn, winter, & spring version, as well...

Summer Fun for All,

P.S.: Summer fun buckets go great paired with summer bucket lists!  What's on yours?

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