Friday, January 22, 2016

{Super Easy} Photo Display DIY

Ever had one of those projects that sits around for months 'cause you're not exactly sure what it's gonna be yet?  This was that for me.  I water color painted over this inexpensive thin canvas months ago & have been puzzled as to what I wanted to do with it since.  That is, until today...

Above are the supplies needed for this project.  If you'd like to make a stand for your photo display {instead of leaning it against something}, you'll also need some sturdy cardboard.  P.S.: A ruler is quite helpful, too!

Paint/decorate your canvas {or leave it clean & simple minimalist white}, find the center of the canvas with a ruler, & attach a metal clip near the top center using hot glue.  {NOTE: If you have a certain size photo you want to display, it's helpful to place the metal clip on the image prior to hot gluing to see how you want it spaced on the canvas before you affix the clip down.}

If you decorate your canvas, printing a photo or quote on a piece of vellum lets your design peek through.

It feels good to get things done!  I like the fresh simplicity of this project & it's versatility... it would make a great recipe or note holder, too.

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