Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This New Year

It's been a long time, guys!  I've missed you!  Really.  Truly.  Yep.  2015 was a busy whirlwind in some respects, & yet there were sweet moments where I chose the otherworldly not-rush that is so foreign to this century.  2016 is bright & hopeful like blooming daisies...  Part of me can't wait to see the adventures flow from God's pen, & that other part of me knows His timing is better than my hurry.  So I do the hard wait-&-see as it is written, & resist the urge to try & grab the tool from my Almighty's hand, 'cause His stories are best & I can trust Him {& so can you} with this new year.


P.S.: I'm so glad to be back!


  1. Wonderful most, a much needed pick me up Christian perspective on it of sorts. Welcome back Bess!

  2. Thanks Lizelle! I just said a prayer that 2016 would be a blessed year for you. Thank you for your kind words!


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