Saturday, May 21, 2011

How the West Was Won {Fashion Wise}

Country Charm

Picturesque Frontier

Prairie Calling

Hitch up the team & raid your closet for the rustic Ralph-Lauren-inspired pieces you may already have, such as: plaids, ginghams, whites, tans, anything with fringe, Native-American-inspired jewelry, lace, long ruffled skirts, cross-body messenger bags, leather, belts with big buckles, western-style goods, camel-colored blazers...

Bring the country look home for less by finding these picks from Forever21!

Love from the Wild West, er South,

P.S.: I love finding modest fashion straight from the runways for ya!  Hope you find it fashionably {& God-pleasing wardrobe-wise} inspiring, too!


  1. I love the western wear! Great pictures!

  2. i have to say i love this very much. you did good work!!!

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