Thursday, May 5, 2011

Princess Style {H.R.H. Kate}

We may not agree with every wardrobe choice she's ever made, but H.R.H. Kate has created quite a regal collection of queenly picks!  


Kate & Grace

Of course, by now, you've heard the comparison  be made between Kate's wedding gown & Princess Grace Kelly's.  I see the resemblance, don't you?
Dancing Shoes

The Red Dress

Plum & Royal Velvet

Royal Blue

Royal blue seems to be one of her favorite colors...quite appropriate, eh?

Classic Brit

Everyday Princess

Keep Calm

Royal Love,


  1. Oooo!! Love her royal blue outfit. Princess Kate looks so awesome in that lovely hat :).


  2. Love all of those outfits! Kate makes such a great princess =)

  3. Definitely see the resemblance! But her gown was just so beautiful!!

  4. love her style.

    so beautiful. haha i really envy her.


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