Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bess' Millinery Studio {2 Tutorials From the Mad Hatter Herself}

Let's Bring Back the Bonnet

Hello there!  Didn't fancy you were reading a Mad Hatter's blog, did you?  Well, don't worry about it dear; I didn't know myself!
So, I'm back from yesterday's 'Bring Back the {Easter} Bonnet' post with not just 1, but 2 millinery tutorials...

Bess' Handy Dictionary:
millinery - art/work of making hats
milliner - hat-maker

Let's start with the brown headband fascinator, shall we? 

What You Need: headband {I wrapped mine in ribbon}; feathers {&/or silk flowers, beads, gems, small birds =), etc.}; hot glue

This is a pretty simple little make-it with a stunning presentation.  What I did was individually place {using hot glue} the feathers in a sort of flower shape.  Add as many or as few as you wish!  It's a good idea to try on your headband first & play around with frill-placement before you commit it to the hot glue gun.

Now for the little white hat/fascinator...  I am so thrilled with how this turned out - & to think it came from a spur-of-the-moment idea & an old CD! =)

What You Need: hot glue; unwanted CD; straw placemat; scissors; felt; frills {silk flowers, beads, tulle netting, buttons, feathers, etc.}; a little bit of stuffing; metal hair clip

Ever have one of those craft projects where you finally get to use some of those bits & pieces you've been saving in a totally fabulous way?  This was that for me!  I had a circular white straw placemat I got from my fave store {Dollar Tree} last year, which I still didn't know what to do with + old CDs I had found in a free box...

Cut the straw placemat larger than the CD {large enough to be able to tuck & glue the placemat over the edge of the CD}.  Cutting little slits around the placemat makes it easier to fold around the edge.  Before gluing to CD, add a little bit of stuffing!

Trace a CD onto the felt & cut out.  I found I had to trim the felt more {so it wouldn't show} before I glued it snuggly to the underside of the hat. 

Next, add all the frills with hot glue!

Practice the positioning of the hair clip with the hat & then hot glue down.  I actually did this step before I added the frills, because I didn't want to risk crushing them by pressing the hot glue laden clip onto the back of the hat. =)

Ta da!  Perfect for a royal wedding!  Only you will know you're sporting a
CD-Rom! =) Will I darest wear this on Sunday?!  Hmmm...

Bringing Back the Bonnet,

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