Friday, August 24, 2012

Closet Hangers {To Organize!}

My clothes closet is definitely where the monsters live!  I'm not sure how it happened, but the creeps overtook it, & now I'm fighting to regain my skirts' & trousers' abode {be it ever so humble a battle}.  Oh, now I feel bad for calling the poor hapless, homeless creatures "creeps!"  I'll send them a fruitcake.        

What You Need:
-paper paint samples {I found these at Walmart with a pre-cut hole}
-decorate tape or paper (with glue stick) 
-alphabet stamps with ink {or you could use a pen or marker}

Here's What You Do:
-Cut holes in the top center of each of your paint sample papers, along with a downward slanted slot {so you can hang them}.  {Even though mine already had a hole, I found it wasn't large enough, so I had to cut it larger.  Check your clothes rack to make sure you are making it an appropriate size.}
-Next, stamp out the words of the clothes' categories of your choice {that fit your needs}.  I chose: dresses, skirts, tops, blazers, vest, & jackets.  Remember, you can do this step with a marker or pen, too, or even print type off the computer.
-Add decorative tape or scrapbook paper to the parts of your paint sample that have words you wish to cover {like the name of the paint color/brand}.  
-Lastly, hang in your closet & organize your clothes accordingly {dresses behind the dresses tag, etc.} =).    

Love & Organization,

P.S.: I seem to be in a silly mood today.  Hmmm.    

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  1. Hey girls! I forgot to mention... the ink sort of liked to smear on my paint samples, so I put a piece of clear tape over my stamped letters. You may need to try that if you try this! =)
    Love ya!


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