Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial/Tip: Dot Those Nails

Confession, I’m not a big nail polish girl. I never have been {probably cause my nerves find their way to my fingernails – (I don’t bite em, but I pick at em (sorry if that was too much information for ya))}. However, I’m getting more into it. In fact, right now my toenails are painted a silvery pink!
Today’s Tuesday Tutorial/Tip {this one is sort of a combo} is for this clever nail dotter for perfectly polka-dotted nails! Try it won’t you? I’m thinking the dots would even look cute on a natural, bare nail, too. Hmmm, so many possibilities…

P.S.: I’m trying to get back to a semi blog schedule: Music Monday; Tuesday Tutorial {or Tip}; Friday Fashion Fix… What do you think?

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