Sunday, August 11, 2013

College Girl 101: Tips from a Graduate {Course 2}

College Bound Girl II

1. Take notes & more notes!
Some professors will openly recommend that you jot down concepts/ideas covered in class, others won't.  But, either way, taking notes is smart.  When it's time for a test you've got a self-made study guide at your fingertips!

2. Ask your professors for help.
If you've got a question about an assignment, find yourself falling behind, or just plain struggling in a class seek out your instructor's help!  On each class syllabus the instructor's office hours & email should be listed.  Stop by the office & chat or send em a message.  This not only lets your professor offer assistance, but makes it clear that you care about doing well in the class.  I have to say, this saved me from a near rock-bottom {excuse the poor pun} experience in Geology my first year {I just couldn't seem to identify one stone from another}!  

3. Use the library & other campus resources.
The campus library can be a great place for studying, conducting research, or simply a quiet place to finish up homework.  Make use of other campus resources, too, like computer labs {perfect for printing off papers, etc. - learn your campus' public printing rules (you may have a certain number of free copies, have to pay a small fee, or it could be totally free)}.  My school also had a writing & math lab where you could essentially get free tutoring & help on assignments {I made use of the math lab, especially!}.  Check & see what other resources your campus offers!      

4. Make news friends.
There's a unique camaraderie born when a group of people share in like experiences.   Chowing down on Ramen Noodles, burning the midnight oil cramming for an exam, & living in the commune known as dorms is part of that fellowship that is quintessentially college life.  And, it's the perfect recipe for friendship {& possibly stomach aches, I've never tried the ever famous "noodles"}.  But, in the case of all relationships, you still have to make an effort to find friends - especially truly kindred spirits.  Strike up conversations, ask classmates questions, & be friendly.  As one out in the post college world, I can testify that it isn't as easy as I thought it would be to find new friends after graduation.  Make great friends now & do your best to stay in touch once the mortarboards {graduation caps} have been flung! 

5. Be salty, sister!

So many people are searching in college for direction, who they are, what to believe in, hope, & on & on.  Attending a secular college, I saw these searchers time & again - & talking to friends who went to faith-affiliated, or Bible, colleges those schools weren't exempt from the unsalty & lost, either.  In addition, there can be a bombardment of those {professors & students, alike} who say your belief in a Creator God is mere folklore.  What a perfect time & place to be salt & light {Matthew 5:13-16}!  Research biblical answers for possible tough questions that might come your way {& remember to always speak the Truth in love}.  Invite a classmate to church with you, host a dorm prayer group/Bible study {or join one}, & listen for the nudges of the Holy Spirit {maybe you'll be led to speak to that lonely looking girl in Chemistry or leave a note on the dorm door of a neighbor}.  Oh, & pray - pray lots {that's always a good rule}.  Pray to stay strong in your faith & to stand up & be that salty light.  P.S.: Every time I had to write the word "evolution" in my notes I'd write a number 1 above the letter l, a 2 above the i, & a 3 over the e.  Yep, it spells lie.            

Love {& College Knowledge},

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