Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Unabashed Hoper

The Unabashed Hoper

Today I was reading my devotional when this thought barged in – it wasn’t about the topic of my reading, but some word or phrase brought this to my mind & heart…  What would be better?  God coming through in a clear way when all my raggedly held hope is shredded to bits & I’m barely holding a scrap & trust has all but left the building?  Or.  God coming through in a clear way when I’m down in the valley, no less, but still grasping with white knuckles to hope & trust & with a song of praise on my lips beautifully paired with my salty tears?

This really got me thinking.  Sure, at times {many times} it’s easier to give up & let the winds of doubt turn our flag of hope {not to mention, trust in the goodness & power of our God} to ribbons.  But, does that show our belief that our trust in the loving & all-knowing {which must surely include what’s best for us & when} power of God is something firm to be believed not only in the good times {when the seas are clear, turquoise-y colored & calm}, but the bad – especially the bad?  Is God truly true, trustworthy, & loving?  Yes!  So, it seems to me, as my own boat is being buffeted by a mighty gale & I fear for my flag {& life}, wouldn’t it be better if, when Jesus steps onto the surface of my raging sea to come out & meet me, that I be praising Him through the tempest, with my flag of hope {& trust} hoisted high?  I think so.  Will it be easy?  Probably not.  Will it be worth it?  Oh, you better believe it!

Love & Hope & Trust {& Praises} in the Storm,

P.S.: I feel like when we do this, it not only shows the world that our hope is in our perfect, loving,  & trustworthy Heavenly Father, but it is a way to truly show our love for Him who first loved us {1 John 4:19}.         

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