Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Triangles Collage {Back to School DIY}

There's something about adorable school supplies that makes me yearn to be a student again!  Here's an easy back to school DIY project perfect for notebooks, binders, journals, & more.  Why buy when you can make?

What You Need:
1 sheet white printer paper 
3 ring binder with clear cover sleeve

What You Do:
Begin by cutting lots {& lots} of triangles about the same size from your catalogs/magazines {you can start by creating a cardboard triangle template, if you like}.  Next, arrange them on your white printer paper {or journal, notebook, etc.} & glue em down.  Once dry, slide your collage sheet into your 3 ring binder cover sleeve.  There you have it, a super cute {artsy/colorful} binder for school!        

the finished product

the rubbish pile =)

Back to School/Crafty Love,

P.S.: Are you working on any back to school projects?

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