Wednesday, November 12, 2014

6 Easy DIY Napkin Rings

I love the idea of using cloth napkins, but in all honesty, I get around to actually using em once in a blue moon.  I want to change that, & so I thought if I fashioned some napkin rings I'd get into using them on a more regular basis.  Here's hoping!  I think these would be a fabulous addition to the upcoming holiday dinner table!  

Super Easy:
1. Fill little drawstring sacks with candies & tie around napkins.  In this case, the napkin ring can double as a favor for guests to take with them!

2. Fold the napkin in a square or rectangle & tie present-style with tinsel or ribbon.

3. Look for over-sized buttons like these at the craft store {though any button will do}.  Thread twine or thin ribbon crisscross through the buttonholes & tie around your napkin, securing in the back with a loose knot or bow.

Bit More Work, But Still So Easy:
4. String beads onto craft wire & form into a small circle by twisting wire ends together.  Take plain gift tags or labels & personalize with each guests' name & tie around the napkin rings.  Not only will each guest feel special, but they'll know right where to sit!

5. Cut thin strips of felt {mine are approximately 1 1/2 in. X 6 in.}.  Take a button & sew it onto one end of the felt strip & carefully snip a hole with scissors in the other end {make sure the hole will fit your button well}.

6. Again, string beads onto craft wire {or you could use jewelry elastic} & form into a small circle by twisting the wire ends together {or by tying a knot if you're using elastic}.  Create a simple tassel & secure around your napkin ring at the place where you twisted the wires together {your tassel will work great to conceal any visible wires}.

DIY Love,

P.S.: I hope this has inspired you to get busy & create your own napkin rings for all the little special days that fill up the calendar {all 365 of em}!  I love a bit of fancy in the midst of regular life, & in my book, napkin rings are pretty fancy stuff. =)

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