Monday, November 3, 2014


First time buying gourds for fall!  I love how they are strangely sculptural {God makes amazing things, doesn't He!}  The lady that sold them said when they begin to go bad to plant them in an old flower bed & next year there should be gourds aplenty {with little work}.  Love that, but don't think my apt. people would be so amused.  I can see it now, I went straight over the typical cat fetish & became the "Crazy Gourd Lady."

A fallish bouquet - because sometimes you just have to buy yourself a bunch of flowers.  Just cause.  {Click here to learn how to recreate this DIY vase.}

A sweet little note from a little {1st grade} girl I subbed for last week.  Tiny blessings like this make my day!

I found these boots in perfect condition at a thrift shop for about $6!

Snapshot Love,


  1. Great photos! Guards are so fun because they each have their own spice! I love buying flowers for myself as well! I usually have a bouquet on my kitchen table :) I love little notes from my pediatric patients and sunday school kids! And those boots are adorable!

  2. Crazy Gourd Lady with Funky Boots {totally agree that sometimes you do just have to indulge yourself with flowers!]


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