Monday, January 5, 2015

There Will Be a Fight

Psalm 143

No war is fought without opposition.  Indeed, a battle worth fighting must have two sides.  And, today, in this war of bravery I feel the Enemy's lies.  Like cannons flying  & bullets ricocheting, his lies try to break into my armor.  Satan can make my strong shield of faith feel like aluminium foil, as the falsities & fears are fired &, my own doubt triggered, I let them in.  My own doubting soul puts down its own protection & lets the Evil One penetrate my mind.  It's a battle & it's tough & ugly & horrible.  But, we can fight the good fight.  We can turn this thing around through God's power.  Here's some tips that have helped me today...
  • Pray!  Talk to God & let Him know your struggles in all this.  Ask Him for His help & strength & deliverance.  Spend time pouring your heart out to your Heavenly Father.
  • Read!  Open God's Word & ask God to instruct You.  Psalm 143 is where He led me today & it was just what I needed.
  • Sing!  Try singing a worship song to the Lord.  It doesn't have to be a beautiful rendition {it can even be through ugly-cry tears}, but to God it will be of worth & the Enemy just won't like it.
    Keep fighting the good fight!  Keep being brave in Christ!

    Love & God's Strength for the Battle,

    P.S.: I think this quote nails it...
    Satan mounts his mutiny against God through a deceitful stronghold: God is untrustworthy. In subtle & not-so-subtle ways, he places God's heart on trial by whispering insidious lies: "God is holding back on you. He wants you to jump through hoops in order to earn His love. He's stingy. He doesn't have your best interest in mind. You're better off trusting in yourself. Your resources and functional saviors work better then waiting & trusting in Him."
    -James MacDonald

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