Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Summer Staples

Bess' Summer Staples
Today I'm joining Kiki & the gang for The Circle Linkup & sharing some of my summer staples & faves.

Here they are...

1. sunless tanner
I'm all about the tan, but I'm not all about baking in the sun's harmful rays.  Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer gives me the color I crave gradually & safely + moisturizes.  Make sure you give it a few minutes to dry {15-30} after applying before it comes in contact with clothing or furniture - often I find it easiest to apply it to my legs before my bedtime routine.

2. SPF lip balm
Hopefully you remember to apply SPF to your body, but do you find you forget your lips?  I apply {& reapply} Softlips SPF 20 lip balm daily.  It's super slim tube makes it easy to fit in your pocket & take along wherever.

3. beach bag
I love a good tote to stash, carry, & toss all my goods in!  Whether I'm headed to the beach, pool, park, packing a picnic, or going on a road trip I find a beach bag to be perfect carrying for summer.

4. favorite summer flick
I can't remember the first summer I watched Disney's Tuck Everlasting {I'm thinking late high school or sometime in college}, but it became an annual ritual... & now it just doesn't feel like June unless I've witnessed Tuck tell Winnie she shouldn't fear death, but rather the "unlived life" {somehow I never tire of it}. =)

5. flavored sparkling water
Sparkling ICE waters are 0 calories, caffeine free, & contain vitamins & antioxidants {like biotin, green tea extract, & several B vitamins}.  So much tastier than plain H2O!  Some of my favorite flavors include: peach nectarine, coconut pineapple, & crisp apple.

What summer staples are on your list?

Summertime Love,


  1. Ooh, such a great list! I've never tried sunless tanner before (I think I tried something similar as a kid, but it wasn't actually tanner, more of just a tinted shimmer lotion, haha) but my WAY less than sun-kissed skin could use it! :)

    Thanks for linking up! Happy Summer, too!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kiki! Sunless tanner can be tricky, but the lotion on my list is pretty easy & forgiving & saves me from the risk of sun damage. Hope you have an amazing summer & thanks for bringing us the link-up!


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