Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Sweet Words

I was out thrifting the other day, standing in a long line {it was sale day}, when I spotted a large letter 'F' perched on the top shelf.  I didn't know anyone with an 'F' name... no Felicity, Frances, Finola... no Mrs. Farris or Ms. Freeman.  But, as I inched along in the line, the letter kept staring at me.  Hmmm... what could I do with that?  That's a question I love to ask myself at shops, especially thrift stores - to think of an alternate, unexpected purpose for an item. 
Here's my answer to my question...
-decorative alphabet letter -floral wire -hot glue
-spray paint (optional)
What You Do:
Think of a word you want to spell out.  Here's a few ideas: grace, hope, love, imagine, dream, live, believe, explore, dance, play, smile, peace, pray, joy...
Then, buy {or thrift}, a decorative letter (found in plenty at craft stores).  Next, buy some wire {mine is floral wire from the Dollar Tree & easily pliable (no tool needed)}.  Manipulate the wire into the letters to spell out the rest of your word - remember your decorative alphabet letter is the first letter of your word.  If you want you can spray paint the letter &/or wire {I used gold spray paint from Walmart}.  Finally, use hot glue to affix the edge of your wire letters onto the back of your decorative alphabet letter.  Ta da!  A sweet word worth remembering - display it & read often!
Crafty Love,
P.S.: I got the letter for $1!  


  1. LOVE it! It's fun to take a risk at a thrift store and buy something on a whim. That's a great way to use a single letter! I might have to try that.


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