Monday, August 5, 2013

Truth In A Bottle Necklace {DIY}

This world has plenty of opportunities to try & snatch away our hope & the Truth we believe in.  The evil one not only wants to take, but to replace the firm ground of what we know with the shaky sod that comes from a mine-covered field of sneaky & damaging lies.  Make this necklace to keep the Truth close to your heart/mind!  

I found these cork/glass bottle charms at Hobby Lobby, by the way.  

Choose a favorite Truth from the Bible & write it on a tiny scrap of paper {if it’s long you will probably need to shorten it to a key phrase or simply write the book & verse number}.  Roll up your paper & place in the bottle {if you want, you could glue the cork in place, however I didn’t because it felt secure without & I like that I can open the bottle & read the Truth as needed {as well as change it out if I wanted}}.  Decorate the bottle with washi tape, if you like.  Use jump rings & jewelry pliers to attach the bottle charm to your chain, add a clasp, & wear!

You could even add more bottles!     

College, & beginning a life more independent of your family, can be a time when many fall away from the Truth… &, sadly, some never return.  If you’re going to a college in another city/state I recommend researching churches in the area of your school {Hello, Google! =)}.  Make a list of possible churches {with addresses & phone numbers (+ maps if you need it)}, & that first Sunday of your freshman {or whatever it may be} year visit one of the places on your list.  Find a church where the Bible is preached & you can get plugged in with fellowship & friendship & even ways to serve.  It might be easy to listen to the lies that you can miss just this one Sunday here & there {you had to study late, after all, etc., etc.}, but lies are lies… & habits are formed one step at a time.  You don’t want to fall into that trap!  Place going to church & worshiping & growing in Christ high on your list.  It’ll help keep the Truth firm in your life.

Love & Truth for the Road Ahead,


  1. What a great idea to hold the Truth close to your heart!

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  3. I absolutely love, love, love this necklace! This is such a great idea. I'm featuring it on my blog tomorrow.


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