Sunday, September 29, 2013

Classic Book Titles {Synonyms!} Quiz: The Results

Bookish Bess

I recently posted a classic book titles synonyms quiz {click here for that}.

Here are the long awaited answers with the top guessers below:

1. The Grasp-er in the Barley - The Catcher in the Rye
2. Amazing Prospects - Great Expectations
3. Arrogance & Bias - Pride & Prejudice
4. Courageous Fresh Earth - Brave New World
5. A Goodbye to Upper Apendages - A Farewell to Arms
6. Conflict & Solace - War & Peace
7. Away With the Breeze - Gone With the Wind
8. Eden Misplaced - Paradise Lost
9. Trek to the Middle of the Planet - Journey to the Center of the Earth
10. Creature Ranch - Animal Farm

Kristin of Sew Technicolor & Elle Alice {AKA: Elena} of Beautiful Hope got all 10 answers correct!  They are some seriously bookish, clever gal pals!

Anastasia of Royal Daughter of God got 9 right!  Superb deducing skills!

Madison & Khloe Grace were fabulous runners-up with 3 correct guesses each!

Bookish Love,

P.S.: This was fun!  Thanks to all who participated!  Maybe next time we could do children's book titles?  Hmmm...

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  1. Aww fun!!! I think that would be a great idea to do kid's book title!

    p.s. I nominated you for a fun color photo challenge if you're interested! :) I was nominated by a fellow blogger and had fun finding photos that represented red,blue, green, yellow, and white!

    Here's the link:



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