Saturday, September 7, 2013

Make a Book Paper Statement Wall {Nest Feathering}

There's no question that books - & the written word, in general - are high amongst my favorite things.  What better way to embellish a bare, blah wall than with something you love?  Here's how to create your own book paper statement wall in 5 easy steps! 
Step 1:
Find an old book you don't mind ripping apart.  I unearthed this lovely children's treasury out of a favorite used book store's free box!  When searching for a tome look for special type/font, illustrations, & page color.  Depending on the size of your project, you may need more than one book.

Step 2:
Carefully tear the pages out your book(s) or cut the pages out with a craft knife.
Step 3:
Figure out the layout for your pages.  This can include drawing the plan out, as well as placement rehearsal, & trial & error.  In my experience, this took a while {& a lot of rearranging}.  I first thought I would create horizontal stripes, but after I began that I felt it sort of cramped the space {instead of making it look wider}... eventually the more organic {i.e.: inexpiable} design took shape, & made me strangely happy.  
Step 4:
Use wall sticker material to hang your pages {that way they're removable & won't damage the surface}.  You can either buy wall sticker material or you can recycle the packaging from previously purchased wall stickers.  I did the latter, as I had bought several stickers for my apt. & kept the sheets they came on {which still had lots of wall sticker material on it} thinking they'd come in handy {which they did}.  I cut the leftover wall sticker material into strips {about 2-3 strips per page}, glued them to the back of the page with a glue stick {non-sticker side down}, let dry, peeled off the backing, & placed the sticker-side to the wall where I wanted the page.
I finally found a purpose for this large glassless/backless frame I snagged at a thrift store!  The dragon-looking creature in the left corner is the "Jabberwocky" & directly under it is Lewis Carroll's famous poem of the same name.  Love!
Step 5:
Bookish Love {From the Nest},

P.S.: I'm so glad to finally share this project with you!  It's actually been done for over a year {talk about procrastination}! =)

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  1. This is great! I think I'm going to try this! I loooove books. Thanks for the great post!
    Your friend,


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