Monday, September 23, 2013

It's My 500th Post!


It's officially my 500th post!
You'd think I'd have ran out of things to say by now, but nope, I'm still chatty {& crafty}!  In honor of this milestone, I'm listing 50 random truths about moi {cause 500 would be way too many}...  Click on any underlined words to visit the matching post!

1. My favorite place to shop is a local thrift store where the prices are low & the selection is vast.
2. My favorite book of the Bible is Romans.
3. I pretty much always sing along with the radio… provided there are no passengers!
4. Some of my favorite smells include cookies baking, pumpkin spice, wild honeysuckle, & salty ocean breezes.
5. I’ve never been kissed. {The period after that sentence seems so definite! =)} Actually, I’m aiming to save that first for my future husband.
6. The last book I read was Wish You Were Eyre by Heather Vogel Frederick.
7. I’m not gifted in cookery!
8. I love the name Felicity. If ever I have a baby girl that will likely be her name!
9. I like to skateboard, but not all trickster-y {yet}.
10. I’m an introvert.
11. I’ve had both long & short hair, but am currently long & seriously debating cutting it shoulder length {or so} again. Any thoughts?
12. The last movie I saw in the theater was the animated snail flick, Turbo, with my nephew.
13. I love the word zephyr {which is a gentle, heavenly breeze}.
14. One of the bravest things I’ve done is traveled to Scotland & England without a tour guide, & all by my lonesome. Yikes!
15. The songs Nothing Is Wasted by Jason Gray & The Truth About Me by Mandisa really speak to my heart.
16. I love to take walks around the neighborhood for exercise – I’ve been known to go on an hour stroll on many an evening.
17. I’m in a book club.
18. I don’t drink coffee.
19. I’m very old fashioned & vintage-y. For instance, I don’t tweet, text, or have a fancy cell phone.
20. The craziest college course I took was Stone Carving! I thought I could be Michelangelo. Uh, not so much.
21. I love vintage TV shows! Some of my favorites include The Doris Day Show, That Girl, & Punky Brewster!
22. I have bunting hung in pretty much every room in my apartment. I like to treat each day as something special.
23. I drive a PT Cruiser.
24. My living room wall is covered partially in book paper.
25. I recently attended my oldest nephew’s wedding! Crazy!
26. I’ve never ever had a boyfriend. The one time a guy told me he wanted to be my boyfriend {when I was in college} I told him, “Get in line.”
27. I’ve never been good at consistently writing a daily diary/journal.
28. I’ve been known to procrastinate.
29. I’m awfully fond of libraries.
30. My first paying job was at the large downtown library in my city. I was the assistant to the Teen Summer Reading Program director & a reference page. I absolutely loved it!
31. I once faked a British accent in London.
32. I saw something strange in Loch Ness! Not saying I spotted Nessie, but I definitely saw something.
33. I rode city buses for the first couple years of college.
34. My couch {which I covered with a comforter} was my mom’s & is older than I am!
35. I once was a volunteer guide for a traveling Anne Frank exhibit that came to my college. As I was leading a home school group through, & explaining different things about Anne’s life, a girl completely passed out right in front of me! Thankfully, she was okay {I think it was low blood sugar}.
36. I feel like God’s given me a heart for kids & the elderly.
37. I have a really good friend who is over 90! We met in church when I was in high school & she’s a true kindred spirit & a gift from God!
38. I played the violin all through middle & high school.
39. Autumn is my favorite season, although recently I’ve struck a fancy to spring, as well.
40. I’ve seen Jane Seymour in person & spoken to her {in the briefest of moments + snagged her autograph}.
41. I’m in, what feels like, a real in-between time right now, searching for the path God wants me to walk - & waiting & trusting Him for guidance & purpose along the way. I know He’s working on me through it all, too.
42. Sometimes all I can do is pray, “Jesus help me.” But, I’ve found that’s sufficient.
43. My favorite part of blogging is interacting & sharing with all of you!
44. I have strong insecurities about my legs – I just don’t like how they look. However, I’m so thankful I have legs & that they can walk, jump, & run. It’s only for this temporary life that I have em, so this pilgrim that’s passing through is going to strive to be thankful, remember I was created by the amazing artist God, & forget the rest.
45. I talk to myself sometimes - okay, probably a lot of times - but only when no one’s around. I think living alone can do that to a person.
46. Once I found myself forced to walk alone in the dark in Wales – not exactly knowing the way. Long story. It was a little {okay, more than a little} scary, so I softly sang the hymn, “What A Friend We Have in Jesus” & prayed most of the way to my destination. I made it all in one piece! {Thank You, Jesus!}
47. In middle & high school I loved to make fashion design sketches.
48. I call my mom at least once a day.
49. I’m mostly an evening person, because I just don’t like waking up early for work throughout the week, but I love Saturday mornings!
50. One day I’d love to go on a missions trip.

Thanks for reading!  Here's to 500 more posts!


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