Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Flameless Candle Easy Update

Flameless candles - what a fabulous invention!  I love that I can leave em unattended & not worry about my nephew being around their cozy glow {he's in kindergarten now, by the way (& reading) - mind boggling}.  However, they can look sorta plain.  Here's a super easy way to update em!

What You Need:
a medium {or larger} sized flameless candle {mine's from the Dollar Tree}; glue stick; vellum scrapbook die-cut; rubber bands; clear brush on glue {optional} 

What You Do:
Glue on your vellum die-cut & secure with rubber bands while it dries {I left mine overnight}.  If you want, you can add a clear brush on glue over top afterwards.  Easy, right?  

Easy-Peasy Crafty Love,

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