Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A New Gig

"Make Do & Mend"

Last Friday I had a major surprise at work & I've got a brand new gig in about 2 weeks - &, yes, it's actually what I went to college for!!!  It's going to be a challenge {which is probably an understatement}, which had made me very hesitant to try it - I had actually withdrew interest from the position.  But, I kept praying that if it was God's will that He'd make it clear & make a way.  I stopped by the cemetery {which happens to be on my way home from work} where my dad's buried 2 days in a row to seek out a bit of quiet {sometimes teary} prayer.  Then on Friday He made it clear through an unexpected plea from one of my boss' - {my current job is at the same place as my future position} I didn't even have to interview.  God definitely opened up the door for me & I took it!  Thank You, Lord!  Now, I'm fully relying on His strength to help me succeed... all the glory goes to Him!  Please pray for me, I go from crazy excited to scared out of my wits quite frequently!



P.S.: No, my position has nothing to do with sewing, but a whole lot to do with making do & mending - clear as mud, right.  Sorry I'm such a mysterious blogger... maybe one day I'll drop the mystique.


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