Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nov. 1st Rambles {Posted on the 2nd} {Sheesh!}

November Rambles

November has snuck upon me once again.  On the 5th I'm gonna be older than the hills - at least that's how it feels {no offense to any that are currently that age or older}... it's just how it feels to me, & I'm rambling now, aren't I?  Sorry, friends, it must be that old age thing coming on.  But in all sincerity {I think I just unintentionally quoted a bit of a Jamie Grace song - no copyright infringement intended} - Where was I?  Oh yes, in all sincerity, my age isn't all that old at all - & I can't help but wonder if it would feel quite as old if I was married & burping babies right now.  When society {i.e.: people/TV/church folk/the world/random strangers/family/music/etc.} deem it the "thing" to do... & I start to believe it & thus feel abnormal/left behind {minus Kirk Cameron}/etc... that the normal progression of events is to be married soon after college {if not during} & starting a family soon after...  Where was I, again?  

Anyhow, I think my light bulb moment paralleled the instance where I asked myself {cause I talk to myself quite a lot, in general}, "Who cares what this world thinks?  Isn't God in charge & taking care of all that?"  The answers can be freeing... especially to the latter pondering.  But, yet, people will try to yank my chain & obliterate {don't think I've ever used that word on here before} my light.  I just gotta remember to guard that switch & when it's compromised {cause, hey, it's pretty much a certainty that it will (multiple times, I might add (sadly))}to reach up in the darkness, feel for the cord, & turn it back on.  I know I've rambled & fallen through some rabbit holes like Alice, but whatever you're going through that's just plain ugly tough, remember to ask yourself (like I did), "Isn't God in charge & taking care of that?"  The answer is yes, even in the dark, sister.

Rambly Yours - The Almost One-Year Older,

P.S.: Here's that Jamie Grace song...


  1. Your rambling is cute. Yes you're right... Comparison is the thief of joy. Do not let the life events of those around you (whether engaged, married, holding babies in their arms, etc) rob you of the contentment in the purposeful season our All-Knowing Father God deemed right for you. I speak from experience. It's easy to fall into an attitude of self-pity but when I really look at how blessed I am, I am left speechless and humbled that the God of the Universe would love me so much.

  2. I enjoyed that ramble. It made me smile :)


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