Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Precious Time {On My Birthday}

It's Your Birthday!

It’s that day when I turn one year older… 
 You know, life is unpredictable & we don’t know when our last day on earth will be. I attended a funeral visitation tonight, & even though it was for an older gentleman, his passing was very sudden with little to no warning. He had attended church on Sunday morning & given me a hug – nothing appeared wrong or out of the ordinary – the next day he was gone. We do not have an unlimited time bank on this planet. We need to say, “I love you” & “I forgive you” now while we have the chance. We need to spend time with what matters: people & people’s relationship with their Creator.
Carpe Diem

I have to say it was hard going to the funeral home because of my own father’s passing & because I had loved this man. I shed some tears. I truly didn’t want to be teary-eyed & sniffling in front of all the people there, but you know what? It’s all right to let it out. I was leaking out tears for something that mattered – a loved one that will not be with us again this side of heaven & for a tear stained faced wife left behind who is hurting. After I got home this verse came to mind {thank You, Jesus} “…Weep with those who weep.” –Romans 12:15. Lessons learned: time is precious & it’s okay {& biblical} to show honest emotions. Not exactly what I would have planned for my birthday, but it’s definitely put things into perspective.


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  1. Thank you for the reminder that life is too short squander time over bitter feelings and taking other people for granted. Life is indeed a precious gift.

    Happy birthday, dear sis. I hope you have a lovely day filled with rich, goodly things, and that the Lord blesses you abundantly this coming year. I know I don't comment as much as I should, but know that I continually think about you and give thanks that the Lord has blessed me with you as a sis in Christ.
    Love you,


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