Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Adventures in Weaving

I've been eyeing the often charmingly eccentric woolly wall art popping up everywhere recently with a "I rather like it!" continually on my lips.  Thus, I decided to try my hand at it using an old paint-chipped metal loom unearthed from a this-&-that drawer in my mother's house - designed to create pot holders, originally {the loom, not the drawer =)}.  I did not know what I was doing at the start, really, {or throughout the whole back breaking/neck aching process, truthfully} but I kept it up anyway... over & under & over & under... & ended up with something I rather like!

*It's easy to create your own weaving loom out of cardboard.  Try the tutorial here!

A Bit of Inspiration...

Weaving Inspiration

My "stitches" started out well, but got rather wonky in the middle working around the triangle design, but that just adds to the charm, don't ya think?

I didn't have a dowel, so I used what I had: a chopstick!

I want to try one with more fringe next time!  I'll keep you posted!  Have you ever tried your hand at weaving?  What do you think of the woven wall art craze?

Weaving Love,

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  1. I used to weave things all the time! My old church did the Holy Land Adventures VBS a couple of times and weaving was one of the crafts. I haven't tried it in ages though I'd like to.


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