Thursday, August 14, 2014


Made a delicious smoothie using frozen mangoes, pineapples, a couple strawberries, & some Dole pineapple, orange, & banana juice.  Super tasty!

Love how this Philosophy shimmery face powder reminds me I am covered in God's unfailing grace.

Making stuff!

I need reminding of this - so this hangs in my bedroom now.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately.  It's been a bit of a bummer summer in some ways, but God has a plan & is in control, loves me, & is for me.  I just got to keep repeating that to myself some days.  He's the same way about you - & I pray you know it {& believe it, girl (or at least keep reminding yourself like I do)}!

Love Amidst the Mess,

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  1. Mmm... that smoothie looks good!

    Sorry that this summer has had so many downs. Praying this fall will be filled with blessings for you.

    P.S. I drafted an email for you, but didn't finish it... Keep your eye on your inbox. ;)


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