Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fear Factor

Faith Over Fear

It creeps in & stifles my daily life with its smoggy shadows. It seeks to overpower my being with its tentacles of angst & dread. The horrible & ever-imaginative “what ifs” it conjures have left me drained & burdened. It’s fear & it’s been chasing me...

My enemy knows it’s a weakness of mine & plays on every news bulletin & world wide crisis update.  Worry floods like crashing waves… what ifwhat ifwhat if…  I choke.  I can’t find the air.  I’m drowning in fear over… everything, & I know it’s not what God wants for His child.  I can find peace in trusting my Jesus.

I’ve learned I can show my love {an act of worship, really} by trusting Him, & because of that I will do it, because He first loved me & gave me His all {oh & wasn’t I so undeserving, but His love was greater than all that}.  It changes my perspective from that of worry, to that of loving my God.  Fear flees & is dispelled {vanishes – poof/presto} into beautiful love.  There will be times of weakness – when fears knocks & I peer out the peephole & pray for strength as it seeps under the doorway anyhow, but His love covers all that & His grace is sufficient.  I will return & repent to the freedom of love, & soon that crack in my door won’t be so large as it is now. 

I pray today, if fear in unraveling your peace, that you would change your perspective – look above the brewing clouds of foreboding possibilities & trouble & choose instead to act out that verb of love to your Holy Maker & trust Him.  He will be pleased.  You will be pleased & joy will turn the gray skies of the world to a heavenly blue.  It will be all right.  Whatever you face, you face it with the great I Am at your side… what a comfort it is.

Love & Peace,

P.S.: Here's some verses from the Word about fear & such.  Use em as your sword, sister!  Click here for lots more fear verses!

-Psalm 91:4-6

+ Click here for more on fear!

P.P.S.: Singing praises helps me put the focus off the worry & back on the rightful place: the all mighty Christ.  You might just want to try it, too.  This song inspires me to choose trust {& love}...   

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  1. Psalm 91 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. It's so encouraging!

    A lovely and inspiring post! :)


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