Saturday, October 11, 2014

NEW "I'm Batty for You" Free Printable

Last October I offered this free printable...
{Click here to see the 3 different font versions you can choose from!}

This year, I've updated the design for ya...
{Hope you're as batty over it as I am!}
Try this printable framed {or stuck up with washi tape}, for a snail mail card, in a Project Life spread, gift tag, or whatever you wish!

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the design you like best.  Click on the image, then right click & save to your computer {or copy & paste}.  Open in a word document, resize if necessary, print, & share with someone you're batty over!

CONDITIONS OF USE FOR PRINTABLES: My printables are free for personal use only. Feel free to share them on Pinterest provided you credit & link back to {Bess' Bag}. If you want to blog about these printables, or share a project you created using them, it would be fabulous, just be sure to credit & link back to {Bess' Bag} (feel free to use 1 or 2 photos, but please don't share the actual printable on your site - just add a link to it). Thanks & enjoy!

Batty for You!

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