Saturday, October 4, 2014

"How Can It Be?"

Sometimes I find myself down the road I promised I wouldn't travel again.  I live out the verse, "For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do - this I keep on doing." {Romans 7:19}.  It is at these times, when I am weak & vulnerable to further attack, the evil one whispers that God can surely not love someone as I.  In fact, His love completely baffles my human mind in those dark moments of failure - of sin -  how can He still love me after what I've done?  How can He still use me for His powerful, wonderful purposes?  How can He still call me daughter?

Sometimes things can't really be learned in this life {we aren't fashioned to fully comprehend every mystery}.  Some things just have to be believed.  It takes a trip in a rocket to fully unearth the principle of gravity - down here on the ground, it just has to be believed - or not.  Our belief in its power doesn't change its realities, whether on this earthen sod or dusty lunar crater.  I think God's love is the same - we can't fully understand it, but it is so {& unchanging (which is rather mind blowing to a sinner's heart)}.  We can choose to believe it & experience it or not, but it does not change its eternal existence - &, although our mortal minds cannot grasp such love this side of eternity, one day we will.  What a glorious day that will be when sin & grief are no more & where we can dwell fully in His love without question or doubt of its unfathomable might.  It is that Love that loves me when I am unlovable & caught in sin.  It is that mysterious, unaltered Love that lifts my downcast face & calls me daughter.  It is that Love who leads me back to the right path & reminds me He has a good plan for my life.

If you do not know Jesus as your Lord & Savior, I encourage you to visit the "Good News" page found at the top of this blog.  Jesus died for your sins & He can cleanse you & give you the hope & promise of heaven!  How can this love be?  In a word: Jesus.

Love from this Sinner {Who is Loved by Jesus},

P.S.: Jesus loves you, too.


  1. Hello lovely friend,
    Hope you are well.
    When ever I feel this way I try to remember the words in psalms 73:26 - "my body and my heart may fail. But god is the rock of my heart and my portion forever"

  2. Thoughtful post, thank you.


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