Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Love Without Limits" Book Review

Love Without Limits by Nick Vujicic 
with Kanae Vujicic

If you’ve never heard of Nick Vujicic, the Australian guy born without arms or legs, who now goes around the world proclaiming the love of Jesus, where have you been?!  Nick is definitely a dynamic evangelist, & now, husband & father.  Sure, many didn’t believe this would ever be the story of his life, at times he admits he didn’t believe it would turn out so beautifully himself.  But, that’s the mighty, loving, working all things for our good God that has reigned forever for ya!

In Nick’s recent book Love Without Limits, which he coauthored with his lovely wife Kanae, a beautiful love story – complete with comic twists & turns – is told, along with advice from the newlywed couple.  The married couple found themselves on the road to parenthood with Kanae’s surprise pregnancy just a few short months after "I do."  Thus, the book covers parenting advice & family life, as well. 

The story of the two’s meeting, getting to know each other, long-distance relationship, proposal, & marriage is a joy to read.  The honesty the couple shares with readers about struggles & experiences is refreshing, yet the advice at times feels somewhat small in its depth of insight – which isn’t too surprising as the couple are still very little-traveled on this marriage road, as they both readily admit.  Still, this book can be a beneficial resource & delight to many, especially young couples who may see many of their struggles & joys reflected in Nick & Kanae’s life, & those who follow Nick’s remarkable story.

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*I received this book free of charge through the Blogging for Books program in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Great review! I saw this book on Blogging For Books and was wondering about it! Now I am really interested! He is such an inspirational man, full of trust in the Lord even through difficult circumstances.


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